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Ultra Auto Clave Horizontal 20x48 size

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Salient Features:

  • Shell consists of Drum Chamber and Steam Jacket with Outer Cover. The Drum Chamber and Steam Jacket are made of thick SS 304 Grade Sheet.
  • The Whole Shell is mounted on a sturdy M.S. tubular Stand.
  • Boiler fitted under the shell to generate steam and maintain the Steam Pressure in the Steam Jacket and Drum Chamber through Stainless Steel Pipeline fitted with Stainless Steel Sockets.
  • Boiler fitted with Auto Pressure Control Device to set and maintain the Drum Chamber pressure by maintaining electric supply to heater. It also economizes the power consumption.
  • Door is made of thick stainless steel Plate. Door has a safety mechanism which automatically locks when Drum Chamber is having pressure. This prevents opening of door during operation to avoid any eventuality of accident.
  • Sterilization Cycle is controlled by Stainless Steel Three way valve or multi port valve.

Standard Accessories:

  • Auto Pressure Control device (auto cut off safety device for overheating) to maintain the required pressure.
  • Automatic Vacuum Valve fitted with Drum Chamber for regular exhaust of vacuum.
  • One hour timer switch adjustable for any required time for sterilization and after that period this will disconnect the heaters.
  • Alarm switch for the indication of pressure.
  • Automatic Low Water Level Cut off device for heater safety.
  • Digital Temperature Display.
  • Water level indicator & Safety valve fitted with boiler.
  • Steam Jacket Pressure Gauge and Safety Valve fitted on the Top Front of the Autoclave.
  • Drum Chamber Pressure Gauge and Safety Valve fitted on the Top Front of the Autoclave.
  • Water inlet & Outlet valve.
  • Instrument rack with tray.

Safety Devices:

  • Boiler Safety Valve.
  • Boiler Auto Pressure Control Device.
  • Steam Jacket Safety Valve.
  • Drum Chamber Safety Valve.
  • Auto Door Lock Mechanism.


  • 20" x 48" Electric (500x1200)mm

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