Ajay Care Jr Toothbrush

MRP:Rs. 9 for 1`S. This product is manufactured by AJAY HOME PRODUCTS LTD.
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₹ 9.00
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Colgate Toothbrush - Super Flexible (Medium), 2 Nos Pouch

Dentist hygienist recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months 1. Ultra Soft Bristles. 2. Compact Head. 3. Flexible neck joint. 4. Rubber Thumb Grip.
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Tinaderm (skin) (20 Ml)

MRP:Rs. 11.48 for 1 Bottle(s) (20 ml each). This product is manufactured by Fulford (India) Ltd
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Hudson Triflo II Inspiratory Exerciser Incentive Spirometer With Three Balls

Hudson RCI TriFlo II Incentive Deep Breathing Exerciser is ideal for developing, improving, and maintaining respiratory fitness. It has been scientifically constructed as a means of encouraging you to take a slow Sustained Maximal Inspiration (SMI).
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