At the point when the climate warms up in the mid year, it is particularly imperative to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will give you vitality in the heat and keep your skin looking brilliant and delightful. Clearly water is the best wellspring of hydration, yet there are bunches of other summer drinks you can experiment with that will keep you hydrated in the mid year months. Here's a rundown of the top 7 healthy summer drinks to get started.


For quite a long time, individuals in Southeast Asian and Pacific Island nations have been drinking the water from coconuts for hydration. It's one of the most ideal approaches to supplant the water and electrolytes the body emits in hot atmospheres. Coconut water contains vitamins, minerals that consummately recharge the body in the wake of a prolonged day in the sun. Most stores offer packaged coconut water in the refreshment segment.


On the off chance that you get thirsty, yet need somewhat more than water, frosted rooibos tea is an extraordinary choice. It's a full-bodied, without caffeine tea that is exceptionally invigorating and hydrating, besides, it contains antioxidants. It is likewise loaded with minerals and vitamins C to keep you invigorated and hydrated throughout the day.


It might appear like an easy decision that water would be a standout among the most hydrating nourishment and beverages, however you cannot sufficiently stretch the significance of drinking water. Numerous individuals invest hours out in the sun, at the shoreline, climbing or playing sports. The warmth will make you sweat out much more water, so its fundamental that you feed the body with water. Adding lemon to water includes vitamin C and citrus compounds. Drink water near room temperature so your body doesn't need to use energy settling it to your body's temperature.


Despite the fact that not fermented, homemade chilled teas have their own particular nutritious advantages. The late spring is a flawless time to enjoy all the mending characteristics of home made teas in its most reviving structure — normally seasoned with crisp herbs, lemon and crude nectar for a touch of sweetness.

An awesome substitute for their locally acquired counterparts, which are brimming with sugar and artificial ingredients, these teas offer everything from digestive backing to the calm impacts of chamomile.


Not only for hydration, fresh juice gives instant vitality straightforwardly into our cells. Loaded with living enzymes, vitamins and minerals, this is an empowering booster on a hot day. Living enzymes help in absorption, which is an essential element in solid gleaming skin, expanded invulnerability and vitality, while chlorophyll (it gives your greens their shading) is an incredible detoxifier.


The exemplary blend of lemon and water energized with crisp berries, cucumber and herbs — like mint and basil — make getting your day by day necessities of water (which increments with the warmth) considerably more pleasant. While lemon bolsters a sound liver, by expanding bile creation and giving detox bolster, mint is actually energizing. Cucumber does its job to diminish stress because of its B vitamin content.


A kombucha starter has been known as a cure for anything from joint inflammation to disease. This living tea is made with tea, yeast, sugar and live bacteria as well. In spite of the fact that the health claims encompassing this famous beverage have yet to be affirmed, we do realize that the wealth of probiotics and living enzymes in the fizzy beverage are incredible for digestion. It is an extraordinary beverage to keep you hydrated in the summer time.





Our hair is the delegated radiance of our looks, both truly and metaphorically. Long, flawless, and sound tresses are each young lady's fantasy, yet the greater part of us wind up abhorring our dull and dead hair. Owing to our advanced way of life, which incorporates regular anxiety and pollution, long hair can be hard to grow at a good rate. Keeping up long and shiny hair is not a one day assignment. It requires an appropriate and devoted hair care regimen that is anything but difficult to take after. In case you're longing for long locks like Rapunzel's, here are a couple tips you should take after.


Rubbing or massaging is one of the least complex and most mitigating hair care tips. It enhances blood circulation and empowers blood flow to the whole body. You can utilize coconut oil or almond oil to rub your scalp. Applying lavender oil additionally advances hair growth. We can never preclude the significance of a hot oil head rub, which is one of the best-known home solutions for long hair. A decent "champi" is the ideal thing for our hair. Do it at the parlor, by your mother/sister, or all by yourself.


Shampooing your hair twice or thrice a week permits the characteristic oils to enter your hair, along these lines permitting it repair itself. The reason for shampoo is to wash away dirt and keeping it silky as well as clean. In any case, applying it every day can make your hair dry, bunched up, and weak, and lead to breakage. Shampoos comprises of sulfates and too much use of sulfates can make harm your hair.


It is constantly encouraged to utilize a wide-toothed look over for your hair. Once your hair is dry, begin brushing your hair from the base and after that work up step by step. This will counteract pointless hair fall. Pulling the hair continually and heedlessly will prompt physical damage to your hair. Boar bristle brushes are additionally useful for circulating the scalp's characteristic oils down the hair. Brush your hair twice per day. Keep in mind to brush before sleep time. This will guarantee that the blood flow to the scalp is great when you are resting (we as a whole realize that our hair develops the most while we are dozing).


Natural cures and treatments are exceptionally powerful in advancing hair growth. We spend a ton on expensive items that might possibly give the fancied results. You can utilize fixings like egg, nectar, coconut milk, amla juice and so forth for hair care. These fixings keep your hair sound, solid as well as chemical free. You can definitely make your own hair rinses and apply them routinely.


Correct amount of nourishment is as vital for your hair as it is for some other part of the human body. Oiling the roots gives nourishment and quality to help your hair become long and solid. It additionally restores dead hair shafts.





The health advantages of apple cider vinegar oil are astonishingly broad. To begin with, it is packed with an abundance of vitamins, beta-carotene and minerals. The health advantages of apple cider vinegar oil incorporate weight reduction and detoxification and in addition alleviation from joint pain, cholesterol, diabetes, asthma and many more. New medicinal research additionally recommends that apple juice vinegar oil use can cure indigestion, lower circulatory strain and bolster weight reduction.

The advantages of apple cider vinegar originate from it's intense recuperating compounds which incorporate acidic acid, potassium and enzymes. Moreover, apple juice vinegar is a decent source of polyphenols. Research suggests the role of polyphenols in the avoidance of cardiovascular illnesses, neurodegenerative sicknesses like Alzheimer's and diabetes

Apple cider vinegar is made out of crisp, ready, brilliant apples that are fermented and went through a thorough procedure to build up the last vinegar item. It is expressed that around 400 BC, Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine, utilized just two corrective items for his therapeutic medications and one of them was the unassuming apple juice vinegar. Let us look at the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Oil. They are as per the following:

1. Detoxification: Apple cider vinegar oil is a standout among the most intense detoxifying agents that rinses the whole digestive system. Along these lines, a standout among the most most health advantages of it is that it cleans the blood in the oxidation process.

2. Hair Care: Apple cider vinegar is exceptionally valuable in dandruff control and adjusting the pH level of the scalp. You may likewise have a go at applying a few spoonfuls of vinegar straightforwardly to the scalp and rinsing it following a hour or somewhere in the vicinity.

3. Loose bowels: The pectin content in apple cider treats looseness of the bowels indications by shaping mass fibrous matter. Additionally, the pectin additionally frames a defensive coat for mitigating the covering of the colon.

4. Teeth Whitener : One of the benefits of apple cider vinegar is that it is a characteristic teeth whitener. Take one of your finger and rub it on your teeth for a minute. At that point wash mouth out with water. The pH of apple cider vinegar oil can expel stains from your teeth which helps in brightening it.

5. Treats Acid Reflux and Heartburn : A percentage of the primary causes of acid reflux and heartburn are an imbalanced stomach pHand absence of probiotics and enzymes. Utilizing cider vinegar is brimming with these nutrients. Add about 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to some water and drinking it five minutes before suppers can cure indigestion.

6. Manages Your Bodies Ph: Apple cider vinegar has acidic acid and has a more alkaline impact on your body. Adjusting your bodies pH can decrease your danger of chronic ailments like malignancy and can significantly build your vitality.

7. Natural Household Cleaner:  The anti bacterial properties and the adjusted pH of apple cider vinegar make it a flawless family cleaning item. Fill a splash bottle with half water and half ACV then shower windows and counters for cleaning it.

8. Lower Blood Pressure: In a study they found that taking apple cider vinegar brought down triglycerides and blood pressure altogether.

9. Battle Seasonal Allergies: Another astounding treatment of ACV is for sensitivities. ACV separates mucous in your body and support lymphatic seepage. It likewise underpins the invulnerable system and can clear sinuses. Put around 2 tablespoons in a vast glass of water and drink 3x day by day for sensitivities.

10. Cure Cold and Sore Throat: It is a definitive solution for curing a cold and sore throat quick! Since it's stacked with vitamins and probiotic boosting acidic acid, it's an extraordinary natural cure. Take 2 tablespoons of it in one glass of water 3x every day to cure your cold.





How frequently do you return home excessively drained, making it impossible to cook, battle with what to eat and wind up requesting takeout? This can really bring about increasing your weight. We as a whole know when appetite hits it's comfort over being fit certainly wins. There are many food items you can try to loose that extra shed of pounds. Let us look at some of the 10 best foods that you you in reducing your weight. They are as per the following.


Salmon is absolutely healthy. It is additionally exceptionally fulfilling, keeping you full for a long time with moderately couple of calories. Salmon is likewise stacked with Omega-3 unsaturated fats, which have been appeared to lessen inflammation, which is very well known for playing a noteworthy part in obesity.

2. EGGS:

It is among the best food item you can eat on the off chance that you have to shed pounds. They're high in protein and can make you feel full with a low measure of calories. Eggs are likewise amazingly nutrient dense and can help you get every one of the supplements you require on a calorie confined eating regimen. All the nutrients are certainly found in the yolks.


Leafy greens incorporate kale, spinach, swiss chards and a couple of others. They have a few properties that make them ideal for a weight reduction diet. They are low in both calories yet stacked with fiber. Leafy greens are likewise unfathomably nutritious and high in a wide range of vitamins, minerals. This incorporates calcium, which has been shown to help fat smoldering in some studies.


Some beans and legumes can be helpful for weight reduction. It incorporates lentils, dark beans, kidney beans etc. These have a tendency to be high in protein and fiber and are very good for reducing your weight.


Avocados are a one of a kind sort of fruit. They are especially high in monounsaturated oleic acid, the same sort of fat found in olive oil. In spite of being for the most part fat, they additionally contain a ton of water, so they aren't as vitality thick as you may think. Avocados are very essential for weight reduction as well.


Apple cider vinegar is unimaginably well known in the health community. Taking vinegar in the meantime as a high-carb feast can make individuals eat 200-275 fewer calories for the whole day. One study in hefty people likewise demonstrated that 15 or 30 mL of vinegar for each day for 12 weeks brought on weight reduction.

7. NUTS:

Despite containing fats, nuts are not innately fattening. They're a magnificent snack, containing adjusted measures of protein and fiber. Studies have demonstrated that eating nuts can enhance metabolic health and even cause weight reduction.


Eating chili peppers might be valuable on a weight reduction diet. They have a substance called capsaicin, which helps in diminishing appetite as well as increase fat smoldering in some studies.


One fruit that should be highlighted is grapefruit, since its impacts on weight control have been concentrated specifically. In a study of around 91 hefty people, eating a large portion of a crisp grapefruit before suppers brought about weight reduction of 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg) over a time of 12 weeks. Grapefruit is absolutely helpful if you need to lose weight.

10. SOUPS:

They are another source of reducing that extra kilo of pound. It is tasty and also very helpful in keeping you with. Soups are always recommended for a weight loss program.

Top 10 Food Rules To Maintain Glowing Skin At Any Age




What you eat can decide, to an expansive degree, how old you look and how rapidly you age. As a matter of fact, regardless of the fact that you slather on sunscreen, cease from smoking and apply creams, eating the wrong nourishment can bring about your skin to age rashly. Remembering that, here are some reasonable tips that can slow down the aging of your skin and your whole body:


On the off chance that you choose to eat a food with a high glycemic index, for example, something with sugar or white flour, dependably match it with protein to back off the arrival of glucose in your circulation system. For instance, have a hard-bubbled egg with your waffle, put incline steak in your stir fry or you can try almonds with your raisins.


At whatever point you have a decision, pick whole grains over refined grains. Change white rice to cocoa rice, pick whole grain oats rather than refined sugary cereals. Keep in mind that numerous items will publicize themselves as whole grain, however will really contain just a little measure of it while contrasted with refined grain.


Numerous herbs, flavors and seasonings likewise contain powerful antioxidants, so utilize them generously, particularly the flavors cinnamon (avoid the sugar), cloves, curry powder, turmeric, saffron, peppermint, rosemary and thyme. Use herbs and flavors generously while cooking, sprinkle new herbs on plates of mixed greens or sandwiches and put a shake of cinnamon to your espresso or tea to battle off wrinkles and maturing.


Anything in a package is certainly suspect, however heated goods and snack foods are the most noticeably awful. Cupcakes, doughnuts and children's cereal contain refined flour and a lot of sugar, which will spike your glucose and your insulin levels. Be careful with the healthy versions of your most loved snacks as well. Low-fat forms regularly contain an additional heap of sugar (this can be particularly valid for nutty spread) and even whole grain snacks may comprises of an excessive amount of sugar, salt, and fat.


In the event that you are an espresso consumer, try substituting espresso with some green tea. Despite everything you'll get the caffeine help you need, however you'll likewise get intense antioxidants. Espresso includes antioxidants, as well, yet green tea has diverse ones that are especially skin friendly as well. Peppermint tea is another great alternative since it is additionally loaded with cell reinforcements that back off maturing of the skin.


Chocolate is evaluated by much of cocoa it contains. Higher the rate of crude cocoa, the more prominent the antioxidant activity. Search for chocolate with no less than 70 percent cocoa for most extreme antioxidants and least included sugar.


Protein gives the building squares of collagen and your body requires it to repair and supplant collagen that has debased with age or that is harmed by free radicals. One study demonstrated that ladies with lower protein consumption had more wrinkles than ladies with higher protein admission. The USDA prescribes 0.8 to 1 grams of protein for each kilogram of body weight every day. For instance, a 150-pound (68.2 kg) lady would require around 68 grams of protein for every day.


The most antioxidant rich foods are certainly brightly shaded.


Water is critical for hydration. Everything in your body will work better when you are very much hydrated, and the more you drink, the more you will saturate your skin from within. In the event that you are constantly dehydrated, drinking eight glasses of water a day can make you look more youthful very quickly.


A plate of fruit each morning is an awesome approach to stack up on antioxidants without salt, or included sugar. If you're going to eat a plate of fruit every morning, you are certainly going to live long, like really long.




Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Oatmeal Everyday




What else can be an excellent whole grain breakfast to promote better health other than a steaming bowl of oats?

Yes, after checking out the health benefits of Oats, I decided to take oats in my breakfast. If not, at least as a snack sometime during the day.

It is a rich source of fibre and is also blended with protein, and various essential nutrients. More over they also contain powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants which favours health.

Nutritionist also say that eating oats in regular diet will reduce weight on long run ( There is a research saying that eating oats daily will help you to reduce 4 or more kilos of weight in a year without any exercises or diet changes)

Check out the health benefits of oats here, start taking them in regular diet and enjoy its benefits.

Lowers Cholesterol:

The fibre present in oatmeal has lipid lowering benefits. The beta-glucon soluble fiber helps to lower LDL levels and decreases intestinal absorption of cholesterol.

FDA scientists suggest to intake 3 grams of beta-glucan soluble fibre daily to lower bad cholesterol in body. Just one-half cup of plain oats contains more than2 grams of soluble fibre.

In addition, oatmeal contains a useful antioxidant called avenanthramide. This antioxidant is helpful in protecting against LDL Oxidation. It shows better results when combined with some vitamin C rich food.

Reduces Cardiovascular Risks:

Oatmeal is a rich source of antioxidants. These fight free radicals and also reduce oxidative stress and inflammation that contributes to atherosclerosis or hardening of arteries which is a leading cause of heart attacks.

The beta glucose and lignans present in oatmeal improves heart health and avoids heart diseases.

Aids Weight Loss:

Oatmeal is a great food for people striving to shed extra pounds and maintain healthy body. As it is rich source of protein and fibre, it helps you feel fuller and satiated for long time.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar:

Oatmeal contains high-quality carbohydrates. This oatmeal provide steady source of energy when compared to other breakfasts we eat. As it is high in fibre body digest it slower and no spikes happen in blood glucose levels.

Scientific studies proved that oats and whole grain products in out diet will help reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.

Lowers Hypertension:

Oats also shows a great impact to reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure. People who are with mild and borderline hypertension can keep it completely under control by eating oats.

Protects against breast cancer:

Phytochemicals like lignans and enterolactone has been found to be effective in preventing breast and other hormone related cancers.

The soluble fibre present in oats also shows direct impact on breast cancer cells.

A study published in 2007 proved that women who take diet rich in whole grains will reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 41%.

Supports Intestinal Health:

High Fibre content present in oatmeal shows wide range of benefits for colon and intestinal health. It treats people suffering from ulcerative colitis and it also reduces the risk of developing colon cancer. Oatmeal also helps to healthy bowl functioning and relieves constipation.

Adding fibre and drinking plenty of water makes good sense. So, try drinking plenty of water to ensure good results of fiber.

It keeps stress at bay:

This soothing breakfast cereal also helps to avoid stress. It helps brain to produce more serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, sleep and appetite.

Magnesium in it helps to improve sleep quality and also promotes relaxation.

Boosts Immunity:

Oats are rich immune-boosting nutrients. These are good sources of dietary fibre and they are also linked to changes in the immune cell activity.

In addition to that beta-glucans present in oatmeal have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

So, add plain and unflavoured oats in your diet and enjoy the benefit of good immune system.

Soothes the skin:

Oatmeal helps in softening and moisturizing skin and it also helps in relieving redness, itching and skin irritation. It is suitable for all skin types as they are having anti-inflammatory and exfoliating effects.

Oatmeal helps in removing excess oil, dirt and impurities from the skin. Hence it is a natural cleanser.

Night Eating Syndrome-A Serious Eating Disorder

I wake up, workout, and then go extremely focused to face my day. I take only quality nutrients, count calories.

My diet goes totally perfect and i don't even get a slightest desire to cheat myself. Then, something happens. The moon comes out, and suddenly fitness freak in me turns to wolf.


I grab some snakcs to eat. If nothing is available in kitchen, i take my phone and start making frantic phone calls to resturants for food.

i have fallen cultprit to it many times, unknowingly and i got realized that it happens with numerous people around the globe.


Experts say it is a pshychological disorder called night eating syndrome. Generally food lovers and binge eaters fall pray to this disorder.


Check out the causes, symptoms and problems associated with night eating syndrome here.


Causes of Night Eating Syndrome:


The habit rare its head when susceptible people experience stressful life events like illness to loved family member, losing loved one's (break up, death of particular person) and losing a job etc.


It's more commonly seen in people who is overweight. According to researchers more than 15% of overweight people have night binge eating habits.


Symptoms of Night Eating Syndrome:


  • People with NES often skin breakfast.
  • Eat little during the day and feel hunger in the evening.
  • Their moods tend to worsen as the evening progress.
  • They stay awake till late nights and often feel that they must eat something to allow them to sleep, but usually aren't hungry.
  • Eat only 30% of food intake during day times and consume 70% after 6PM where normal person will get filled with 70% of diet by 6PM.


Are you a Night Time Binge Eater?


If your answers to most of the questions here are, 'Yes'. It suggests that you are suffering with NES. Talk to your doctor for more information and support.


  • Do you Rarely, if ever, feel hungry in the morning?
  • Overeat during evenings? Especially evening meal?
  • Wake till late nights and often feel yourself satisfied and go to sleep after eating some junk?
  • Often feel sad, anxious and stressed or feel depressed during evening times?


Problems associated with Night Eating Syndrome:

Individuals with night eating syndrome are more prone to health problems associated with overweight. The problems include high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart diseses, many types of cancers and gall bladder disease.

These people are also susceptible to suffer from depression frequently.


To know about how to control night eating disorders stay tuned to us. 


Bad Eating Habits and Ways to Fix Them






Most of us are habituated to 4 to 5 coffees and tea’s in a day. Though caffeine present in them (Especially coffees) make you feel fresh instantly, the too much of it results in excess production of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol which overtime leave you feeling burnt out. Excess caffeine also affects the ability to sleep well too setting up a viscous circle of needing to consume even more to feel alert.

How to fix it: Gradually avoid coffee and cut back tea to a maximum of 3 cups. It is suggested to start your day with herbal bream or cleansing cup of hot water and lemon instead of coffee. Add more slow releasing, low GI foods into diet, for example whole grains, beans, pulses and vegetables. Make sure sleep at least for 8 hours during night. This makes you feel naturally energized.

Skipping breakfast:

One should never skip breakfast because it great opportunity to add whole host of important nutrients to body. It also causes blood sugars to plummet and makes you far more vulnerable to over eating through rest of the day. Even many studies proved that breakfast eaters are thinner when compared with breakfast skippers.

How to fix it: People skip breakfast for two main reasons. One is lack of appetite and other is lack of time. Lack of appetite problem can be solved with regular exercises and proper water consumption.

If you go too early to work, prepare some breakfast and carry it with you. You can eat it in your regular breakfast time. Tough you don’t have much to prepare breakfast, remember how important role it plays on your health.

Carvings for sugary and fatty snacks:

Carvings for sugary, fatty snacks kick-in in the response to falling blood sugar levels but these can over stimulate hormonal system leaving the person feeling perpetually tired.

How to fix it: The best way to avoid the problem is eating low GI breakfast. It means eating foods such as porridge, granola or fresh fruit topped with low fat yogurt and handful of mixed nuts and seeds.

It is suggested to lower the overall GI rating of the rest of the daily diet by swapping high GI fast releasing carbohydrates such as breads, rice, pasta, processed breakfast cereals, cakes, and biscuits with too much lower more sustaining, low GI alternatives like stone-ground and rye bread, brown basmati rice, beans, pulses and oats.

High fat lunches:

Make your own lunch and carry with you where ever you go. Avoid eating commercially prepared foods like sandwiches and salads. This is because, these foods are far higher in fat than that we think and the poor labeling makes it difficult to know exactly the calories we eat.

Suagr eating habit:

Regular sugar eating habit adds lot of extra calories, fat and sugar to diet which is dangerous.

How to fix it: If you love eating sweet after lunch or dinner. It is suggested to bite a piece of jaggery or eat a fruit.

Winding down with wine:

occasional glass of wine doesn’t do any harm. But relying on it to put full stop to working day is harmful. Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels. This makes the person tired, over stimulates the appetite and makes the person eat more. It also steels body’s most essential vitamins and minerals.

How to fix it: Slowly avoid the habit. Initially it will be tough for people to overcome the habit. Remember that’s your health and be committed. Alternatively, have a spritzer instead or an elder flower cordi al with sparkling water, ice, fresh mint and slices of lemon served in a large wine glass. This will be a refreshing substitute.

Best Solution for Skin Discoloration and Pigmentation




Got frustrated with Pigmentation and Skin discoloration? This is not only the problem of you and me. It’s a common problem for most of the Indian’s.

 So, to help you out, I’m sharing simple proven tips which are useful in preventing and treating dull and pigmented skin.

What is Pigmentation and discoloration?

Pigmentation is the presence of excess color in the skin. Essentially hyper-pigmentation is the most common condition in which patches of the skin become darker than the normal surrounding skin. This happens when excess melanin accumulates in body.

Discoloration is shade changes of skin color or formation of patches in any part of skin.

What causes Pigmentation and Discoloration?

Overexposure of skin to sun rays and regular onslaught of allergens create havoc on skin. The skin looks dull, patchy and lacklustre. Apart from this irregular hormonal system may also be the reason for it.

Pigmentation Prevention Tips:

  • Protect from Sun: Reduce your sun exposure as much as possible. Cover exposed areas when you are in sun. It is suggested to avoid going out in sun between 10am to 3pm.
  • Both UVA and UVB rays cause pigmentation problems. So, start using sun screen which offer protection against both these sunrays. Look for SPF 30 for UVB protection and ++ for VA Protection. Applying this sun screen ensures optimal effect from sun block. Also, apply sun screen once in 3 to 4 hours to get best results out of it.
  • Avoid excess product usage: Avid using too many skin care products at once as it is not healthy for skin. It is only suggested to use one or two products or skin treatments at once.
  • Maintain healthy life style (Life style with proper intake of food and regular exercises)

How to get rid of discoloration:

Use Alpha Hydroxy Acids: It’s known fact that milk and yogurt masks makes skin brighter. The reason behind this is the lactic acid and vital alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) present in them. So, start applying milk or yogurt to face regularly or else use dermatologist suggested AHA rich creams to avoid discoloration.

These Alpha hydroxy acids act on the skin by exfoliating the top layer of the skin. It offers newer, fresher and brighter skin.

We hope these tips will help you to overcome the problems of pigmentation and discoloration effectively.

Top 5 Indian Spices to store in well-stocked kitchen




Indian spices are powerful in curing wide variety of diseases from nausea to insomnia to chills & fever. Even the scientists across the world are busy in proving the ability of Indian spices to cure cancer.

Know these spices and add them in your regular diet where ever possible to add dose of flavor and good health to you and your family.

Here are top 5 Indian spices that are must to store in every well-stocked kitchen.


Cinnamon offers an ironic spicy-sweet flavor. Chef’s worldwide shows interest to use it in various dishes for some extra depth of flavor. It is helpful in controlling blood sugar fluctuations.  Scientists say that cinnamon mimics action of insulin in body and allows excess sugar to move out of the blood and in to cells.

It is also helpful in treating cholesterol problems, heart diseases, hypertension, cancer, PCOS, ulcers, vaginal yeast functions and also promotes healing wounds and cuts.

Ways to use Cinnamon: Ground and stored cinnamon powder usually fade very soon. So, add cinnamon sticks into frying masalas of your dish. You can also use them by grinding small quantity of cinnamon and sprinkling it on vegetable curries, meat dishes and desserts.


Scientists strongly believe that turmeric is the reason for low cases of chronic illness in India when compared to most of the western countries.

The active ingredient called curcumin present in turmeric is a power antioxidant and inflammatory compound that protects and promotes organ health in body. It also helps to prevent and treat akin allergies, asthma, cancer, colitis,depression, type 2 diabetes, eye infections, gum diseass, heart diseases etc.


Coriander powder is made from sweet nutty seeds of coriander plant. It contains two volatile oils namely linalool and geranyl acetate. Both these oils are powerful antioxidants. These oils are secret behind coriander curative cell protecting powers and also smooth digestive system.

How to use it: Buy coriander seeds, grind them into scented powder and store them. If not you can also buy  ground variety available in markets. Add a spoon to all cooked dishes, roasts and in stuffing made for paranthas.

Black pepper:

Pepper offers many benefits and also adds flavor to food. It also aids in digestions, upset stomach, congestion and flu, and also helps to stop bleeding when applied directly to a cut.


Extremely beneficial spice for people suffering with motion sickness and chronic stomach related ailments. Ginger helps in curing problems of asthma, arthritis, heart attack, indigestion and heartburn, migraine, cancer, stroke, elevated triglycerides etc.

How to use it: Fresh ginger root is more advised to use than dried and ground spice. Store fresh peeled ginger in fridge, grate it and use when needed.