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Romsons Cervical Pillow

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Used for patients suffering from cervical spondilitis, back pain and cardiac stress Reduce stress & strain Can also be used on surgical tables, recovery rooms, treatment tables and a general pillow for every day use .

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  • Romsons Contour Cervical Pillow is made of revolutionary space-age visco-elastic memory foam, which moulds itself to the shape of the head and neck to provide maximum comfort.
  • It conforms to the shape of head and neck changing shape as you move to provide responsive support all night.
  • Memory foam contours to your body's weight and heat for perfect support for your head and neck.
  • Cervical pillow is designed to keep the neck in the slightly hyper extension position at night to counter the stress and strain of the day where we tend to keep the neck in the opposite "flexion" position.
  • It cures the cervical problems while you sleep.
  • Cervical stiffness, cervical spondylosis and associated pain often caused by postural stress and strain, which is actually result of tendency of most of us to keep our neck in flexion position during day time.
  • On top of if the pillow we take during night again maintains the neck in a flexion position, a permanent stress and strain develops resulting in osteoarthritis leading to neck and low back pain The conventional therapy, to discontinue the use of pillow does not help since, taking pillow for sleep is our biological need.
  • It is difficult to get sound sleep without raising the head.
  • This pillow has been specially designed to counter these stress and strain. It has been so designed as to keep the neck in hyper extended position ( opposite of  flexion) During night, thus cures all the cervical problems while you sleep.


  • Scientific design.
  • Soft & cushiony .
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