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Colgate Active Salt 200Gm Paste

Colgate Toothpaste - Active Salt is unique formula fights germs and makes your gums healthy and teeth strong. This toothpaste aims to provide you with the best of both worlds. INGREDIENTS Calcium Carbonate, Sorbitol, Silica, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Monofluorophosphate, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Saccharin, Xanthan Gum, Pigment Blue (Cl 74160), Flavor, in aqueous base. HOW TO USE Take pea sized paste on your brush. Brush your teeth daily twice.
₹ 86.00

Colgate Barbie Cavity And Enamel Protection For Kids 80Gm

Colgate Kids 2-6 Strawberry Flavor Contains Fluoride for Cavity Protection Colgate Toothpaste Barbie Strawberry Fights cavities in primary dentition period Remineralize incipient caries with regularly use
₹ 78.00

Colgate Dental Cream, 100 Gm Tube

Colgate Dental cream offers healthy white teeth and a beautiful smile will boost your confidence and have you walking out with a spring in your step. With Colgate toothpastes your breath will remain fresh always. Get your closeup smile confidence today. It is 100% vegetarian toothpaste,spreads around and in between teeth for maximum cavity protection with calcium and minerals. INGREDIENTS Calcium Carbonate, Sarbitol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Silicate, Carrageenan, Sodium monoflurophosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Saccharin, Triclosan, Flavor, in aqueous base. HOW TO USE Just take small bit of paste on your brush and use it. Brush daily twice.
₹ 42.00

Colgate Max Fresh Cooling Crystals Green Gel (Citur Blast) 150Gm

Colgate Max fresh is the best treatment you can give yourself for world class dental hygiene.It is rich in cleansing ingredients that kill all the harmful germs in your mouth and give you a fresh feel all day long. Colgate Max Fresh is a boon for individuals looking for ways to get rid of yellowish layer over the teeth.
₹ 86.00

Colgate Plax Active Salt 250 ML

Colgate Plax Active salt Alcohol Free Mouthwash Use Colgate Plax Mouthwash as the final step to a complete oral hygiene. Use twice a day after brushing to cleans hard to reach places and provide yourself with the Oral Health you deserve.
₹ 110.00

Colgate Plax Mouthwash Freash Tea 60 ML Bottle

Colgate Plax Freash Tea Mouthwash is a mouthwash that offers a refreshing alternative taste to a morning and evening ritual. Complete with fresh tea extract, it is alcohol-free and won’t leave a burning sensation in the mouth. Providing up to 12 hours of protection against plaque and bacteria. Colgate Plax Fresh Tea works to form a shield around the teeth and gums, killing up to 99.9 % of germs after each use.
₹ 40.00

Colgate Plax Mouthwash Fresh Mint 250 ML Bottle

Colgate Plax Freshmint Alcohol Free Mouthwash Use Colgate Plax Mouthwash as the final step to a complete oral hygiene. Use twice a day after brushing to cleans hard to reach places and provide yourself with the Oral Health you deserve.
₹ 120.00

Colgate Plax Mouthwash Fresh Tea 250 ML Bottle

Colgate Plax Fresh Tea Alcohol Free Mouthwash Contains natural tea extracts. Has a refreshing and pleasant tea aroma. Has a gentle mouth feel without a burning sensation. Use Colgate Plax twice a day after brushing. Cleans hard to reach places for a cleaner, fresher, healthier mouth. Removes up to 99.9% Germs, Help Prevent Cavities, Provides up to 64% Healthier Gums, Provides long lasting Fresh Breath. Removes upto 99.9% germs and forms a PROTECTIVE SHIELD to reduce the harmful effects of germs and plaque for 12 Hours. Directions: Fill cap to its line (2 ml). Rinse mouth thoroughly for 3 seconds. Gargle and expel. Do not swallow. Not recommended for children under 6. Keep away from reach of children.
₹ 120.00

Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste 70Gm

2X More Effective than other Sensitivity Toothpastes ^. Instant & Lasting Relief.
₹ 105.00

Colgate Tooth Powder - Super Rakshak, 50 Gm Bottle

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, flavor, Sodium monofluorophosphate, Sodium Saccharin Directions For Use: Brush Thoruoghly. At least a day, or as directed by a dentist of physician.
₹ 18.00

Colgate Toothbrush - 360 Surround (Medium), 1 Nos Pouch

1. Surround bristles simultaneously clean both sides of the teeth, and reach down to the gumline. 2. Wraparound cleaner. 3. Cheek and Toungue cleaner
₹ 65.00

Colgate Toothbrush - 360 Surround (Medium), 2 Nos Pouch

Colgate Toothbrush - 360 Surround (Medium) is designed to remove bacteria in 3 ways for a healthier, whole mouth clean. The surround bristles clean both sides of the teeth and reach down to the gum line, the wraparound cleaner provides a new dimension of clean and the cheek and tongue cleaner comfortably remove odor causing bacteria. HOW TO USE Take pea sized tooth paste on your brush. Brush the teeth. Brush daily twice.
₹ 65.00

Colgate Toothbrush - Kids (Gentle Soft), 1 Nos Pouch

The Colgate kids gentle soft toothbrush has a cushioned, rounded head that young children can use comfortably. It's soft and gentle bristles provide the necessary cleaning while being gentle on the teeth and gums, making it a joy to use. HOW TO USE Take little amount of paste on your brush and use it.
₹ 20.00

Colgate Toothbrush - Replacement Brush Heads (Soft), 1 Nos Pouch

Colgate 360 Toothbrush includes two replacement heads. The soft rubber whitening cups are designed to hold toothpaste more effectively and remove surface stains while the polishing bristles help whiten teeth by polishing away surface stains and cleaning hard-to-reach places for a full white smile.
₹ 220.00

Colgate Toothbrush - Sensitive (Ultra Soft), 1 Nos Pouch

Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush is especially designed to give a gentle, yet effective cleaning for sensitive teeth. Its unique multi-functional bristles not only clean better compared to a regular flat trim brush, it produces significantly less water on the sensitive areas of the tooth than an ordinary soft brush. These bristles along with its cheek and tongue cleaner clean teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums for a whole mouth clean.
₹ 45.00

Colgate Toothbrush - Super Flexible (Medium), 2 Nos Pouch

Dentist hygienist recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months 1. Ultra Soft Bristles. 2. Compact Head. 3. Flexible neck joint. 4. Rubber Thumb Grip.
₹ 27.00

Colgate Toothbrush - Zig Zag (Medium), 2 Nos Pouch

Colgate Toothbrush - Zig Zag Revite multi-angle cross-bristles for a deep interdental clean. Curved bristles get in and around your teeth for outstanding cleaning. HOW TO USE Take pea sized paste on your brush. Brush your teeth daily twice.
₹ 40.00

Colgate Toothpaste Total Advance Whitening, 140 Gm

Helps remove and prevent stains for a whiter smile Keeps your mouth healthy by preventing cavities, gingivitis, and plaque Fights against tartar build-up and freshens breath Protects your teeth for 12 hours, even after eating and drinking ADA (American Dental Association) approved
₹ 105.00

Colgate Visible White Paste 100 Gm

Removes surface stains Helps prevent new stains Fights cavities Helps prevent tartar 1 shade whiter teeth in 1 week
₹ 85.00