Colgate Toothbrush - 360 Surround (Medium), 2 Nos Pouch

Colgate Toothbrush - 360 Surround (Medium) is designed to remove bacteria in 3 ways for a healthier, whole mouth clean. The surround bristles clean both sides of the teeth and reach down to the gum line, the wraparound cleaner provides a new dimension of clean and the cheek and tongue cleaner comfortably remove odor causing bacteria. HOW TO USE Take pea sized tooth paste on your brush. Brush the teeth. Brush daily twice.
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Manufacturer: Colgate
₹ 65.00
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for 1 Bottle(s) (1 Unit each). This product is manufactured by Palsons Drugs & Chemical Industries
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sunsilk shampoo - hair fall control, 180 ml bottle

The shampoo is enriched with Soya Vitamin Complex; it cleanses weakened, easily-broken hair, while reinforcing hair from roots to tips. The shampoo is pretty gentle and is safe to use frequently.
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Garnier Face Wash - Deep Cleansing Oil Clear With Mineral Clay & Menthol, 100 Gm Tube

Key Features Keeps Skin Fresh and Radiant All Day Enriched with Mineral Clay Washes away Impurities from Skin Cryo-menthol Leaves Cooling Effect Removes Excess Oil Oily skin is a complaint with many a men and this Garnier Men Oil Clear Deep Cleansing Face Wash ensures to help everybody with oily skin so they achieve better skin texture and feel. Washes away impurities from skin By using the face wash at least two times a day and after exposure to dust and sunlight, you will see cleansing that is ideal for you to enjoy a pure and fresh feel. The face wash also ensures to avoid leaving behind any residue, which could attract more dust particles.
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