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drools chicken & vegetable for adult 10 kg rs 1500

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Drools Chicken & Vegetable For Adult - 10 kg If you want to keep your dog healthy and fit during their growing up years, you can it with the Drools Chicken & Vegetable for Adult. This is a healthy and tasty meal for your pet. A sumptuous meal meant for adult dogs, it is also full of nutritive value. Therefore, they are preferred by owners who like to give their pet a wholesome meal. The meal helps to keep your pet in good shape because it contains 20% protein, 10% fat and 5% fiber. Pets also enjoy the taste of a mix of chicken and vegetarian flavors. The meal contains Omega 3 & 6, which helps to maintain a healthy coat for your pet. It also works to maintain your pets’ joint health. You can also use these meals to reduce build up of tartar that tends to trouble your dog’s denture. Drools Chicken & Vegetable For Adult makes it easy to give a balanced diet to your pet so you can give them a healthier life. The protein and fat content of this meal is easily digestible. Therefore, it is easy on the stomach of your pet. FEATURES .Zip lock pack maintains freshness .Optimal support to bones and joints .Easy to digest .Uses superior quality protein .Promotes healthy immune system .Enriched with benefits of vegetables

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