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drools dog food puppy 100% veg 3 kg rs 450

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Drools Dog Food Puppy 100% Veg 3 Kg The Drools dog food for puppy has been specially formulated keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of your small breed puppies. The 3kg pack has kibble size has been specially formulated to make it easy for your pet. it is easily digestible and provides the required energy to your puppies. The food is specially beneficial for those who do not want give meat or its by products to their pet. This 100% veg product in a 3 kg pack provides your pet all the required nutrition without comprising on taste or ingredients. The pack contains highly digestible proteins and fats. This will ensure the required energy for your pet. The food will help in overall development such as brain development. The addition of anti oxidants helps to boost the immunity system of the pet. The presence of natural fiber helps in digestion. FEATURES .Perfect kibble size for all your puppies .Extremely digestible food .All vegetarian ingredients .Helps to boost the immunity system

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