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EAS-100% Whey Protein- Vanilla(5lbs)

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26 grams of 100% pure whey concentrate per serving of 39 grams Builds lean body mass and repairs muscles Less calories

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Product Description

Dietary Supplement. 100% of the Protein in this product comes from whey. 23 grams of High quality protein. Only 2 grams of carbohydrates. High concentration of BCAAs. Naturally & artificially flavored. When it comes to picking up the perfect protein to support optimal muscle growth and peak performance‚ you don't need a bunch of marketing hype and empty promises. What you need is a great-tasting‚ pure protein product of the very highest quality from a company you can trust. And with 100% Whey Protein from EAS‚ that's exactly what you get! Here's Why: 100% Whey Protein is pure‚ instantized whey protein processed through a series of low-temperature micro- and ultra-filtration steps‚ producing the cleanest‚ most intact form of whey protein available. This careful processing means that 100% Whey Protein is designed to provide the highest biological value protein available from any single protein source. It also means that the greatest possible concentrat

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