Emami Naturally Fair Herbal Fairness Cream 25ml

Emami Naturally Fair Herbal Fairness Cream 25ml
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The Most Obvious SymptomTo Look Out For Is A Feeling Of Being Bloated Or Very Full. Many People Mistaken Indigestion For An Ailment Resulting From Overeating
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ENo Provides effectives relief from acidity in 6 seconds & gentle on your stomach.
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Liquorice extract suppresses production of melanin and results in skin whitening Dandelion-antiseptic, skin toner and soothing effect Carrot extract: Rich in vitamin A, rejuvenating and antioxidant properties, helpful in skin lightening Wash face and apply all over face and neck, relax till completely dry and then rinse with fresh water Use twice a week or more depending upon sun exposure
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