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Bausch & Lomb Light Green Colour ]Lens

Solely dedicated to protecting and enhancing the sight of millions, Bausch & Lomb strives toward making your every sight beautiful. It believes in offering the wildest and the finest range of eye health products, including contact lenses and lens care products, pharmaceuticals, intraocular lenses and other eye surgery products.
₹ 1,195.00

Bausch & Lomb Monthly Disposable, 6 lens box

Soflens are our bestselling daily disposable contact lenses. Unique ComfortMoist Technology ensures long-lasting comfort and high definition optics, and the easy grip pack means there'll be no wear and tear to your lenses .
₹ 945.00

Bausch & Lomb Pure-Vision 2 Contact lens.

PureVision 2HD is a monthly disposable lens from Bausch & Lomb. Because PureVision 2HD lenses are made of AerGel, a unique material that lets natural levels of oxygen reach your eyes, they stay comfortable and healthy while resisting protein and debris buildup on the lens. You may hardly notice you're wearing lenses at all.
₹ 1,875.00

Bausch & Lomb Toric lens

Soflens for Astigmatism are two-week replacement contacts designed to meet the special needs of people with astigmatism. The SofLens Toric contact lens has a unique design that is easy to wear. It provides clear vision and exceptional comfort day after day. After two weeks, throw your lenses away and start over with a fresh pair.
₹ 1,545.00

biotique eye liner - bio kaajal, 3 gm carton

Nourishing & conditioning eye liner with almond oil Contains: Badam (Prunus amygdalus) 10.0%, Bahera (Terminalia Belerica) 2.0%, Harar (Terminallia Chebula) 2.0% Kapoor (camphor cinnamon).
₹ 99.00

Fresh Look Blue Colour Lens.

FreshLook are disposable contact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision. FreshLook is a disposable soft contact lens that promotes comfort and convenience in an array of affordable colors. Freshlooks creates naturally dramatic changes to color in dark eyes. Whichever color you choose, you'll notice immediately that they look as good as they feel.
₹ 995.00

fresh look grey color lens

Freshlook grey color lens. Monthly ldisposables. 2 lens/box
₹ 995.00

fresh look hazel color lens.

Freshlook hazel color lens.
₹ 995.00

fresh look honey color lens

Freshlook honey color. Monthly disposables. 2 lens/ box.
₹ 995.00

Garnier Eye Roll-On - Light (Anti Dark Circle), 15 Gm Carton

Garnier Eye Roll-on is enriched with pro-vitamin B5 for it’s hydrating properties. Caffeine contained into Garnier Light Eye Roll-On is from synthetic origin. Garnier massage reduces puffiness and dark circles and brightens the eye contour. Massage is a technique used by experts to boost natural draining and decongest tired eyes. INGREDIENTS Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Aluminum Hydroxide, Biosaccharide Gum-1, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Caffeine, Capryly Glycol, Disodium EDTA, ESCIN, Guanosine, Hydroxyproline, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Laureth-7, Methylparaben, Mica, Panthenol, Polyacrylamide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum (F.I.L. B32720/1) HOW TO USE Apply directly onto the eye contour, where dark circles appear.
₹ 199.00

Garnier Eye Roll-On - Light, 15 Gm Carton

Eye puffiness and tiredness can make your eyes look dull. Garnier Light Eye Roll-on is a massaging roll-on that combines caffeine and the draining effect of a massage to reduce puffiness and give instant freshness with brightening of the eye contour. How do I use Garnier Light Eye Roll-on: Apply Garnier Light Eye Roll-on to the eye contour area (both above and below) in light circular massaging movements. The liquid will be applied automatically via the roller ball. If necessary, smooth in any remaining liquid with your fingertips. Use immediately after waking up and anytime during the day whenever eyes feel tired or puffy. Major Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Aluminum Hydroxide, Caffeine, Escin, Guanosine, Urea, Mica, Xanthan Gum.
₹ 199.00

Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream, 15ml

Reduces appearance of dark circles Moisturizes skin Prevents wrinkle formation
₹ 165.00