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Farlin Electric Breast Pump Kit

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Unique AC-DC function and Lightweight Polycarbonate feeding bottle and breast shield are boilable Breast shield with petal-shape soft liner, which eases the pain and massage the breast for promoting the milk flow comfortably easy to use and convenient for carry Needs only one hand to operate the pump Available for adaptor to conserve batteries

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  • Are you are a working mother who is always concerned if your child is getting the right amount of nutrition?
  • Then the Farlin Electric Breast Pump Kit is the right thing for you.
  • For most of the working mothers it is not possible to breast feed their babies at regular intervals.
  • This is the ideal product that you can resort to in order to breast feed your baby and at the same time make your life easier.
  • The Farlin Electric Breast Pump Kit is compatible with an AC-DC connection.
  • This breastfeeding kit provides a feeding bottle and a breast pump machine. T
  • he feeding bottle and breast shield are made of polycarbonates which give them a long life.
  • You can easily sterilise and clean them for reuse.
  • The breast pump machine is lightweight.
  • Hence you can operate the breast pump with one hand.
  • The breast shield of this breast pump kit contains a petal-shaped soft liner which promotes the natural flow of milk from the mammary glands.
  • It also massages the breast and eases the pain.
  • The breast shield is very light and it is completely safe for use.
  • Once you understand the operation of this breast pump machine properly, you will feel relaxed and comfortable with the entire process.
  • The portable breast pump kit is an essential product for all the busy working mothers.
  • This breast pump is also for lactating mothers whose babies suffer from a suckling problem.
  • The best feature of this breast pump kit is that it takes very little space in your bag.
  • Hence, you must carry this essential product with you when travelling with your little one.

From the Manufacturer

  • Exclusive Design for Maximum Comfort Express and store milk with ease using the handy Farlin electric breast pump kit.
  • Whether you are a working woman, a homemaker or a new mother, this electric breast pump kit is sure to benefit both you and your baby.
  • This kit includes a motorised suction pump and a polycarbonate feeding bottle.
  • Featuring breast shields with silicone diaphragm, this electric breast pump eases pain and gently stimulates the flow of milk.
  • Being light in weight and compact in size, this pump kit can be conveniently used to pump milk at home or while you travel.
  • This breast pump kit is a great tool for expressing milk.
  • Easy to Use and Durable The Farlin breast pump electric kit is sure to make your life easier.
  • This pump kit is not only easy to use, but also convenient to clean.
  • It imitates your baby's suckling action to ensure optimum milk flow at all times.
  • With a unique AC-DC function, this breast pump kit allows you to conserve on energy as well.
  • You can conveniently sterilise the bottle and breast shield whenever you need to.
  • Attach this pump against your breast to express milk with ease even as you continue with your daily activities like surfing the net or reading.
  • Buy this Farlin breast pump kit to express and store breast milk with optimum ease.


  • Brand: Farlin
  • Compact and light electric breast pump kit
  • Motorised suction pump and a polycarbonate feeding bottle
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Unique AC-DC function

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