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Flamingo's Calf Support - Pair

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SizeCalf Circumference

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  • Flamingo Health, one of the leading names of the market, offers Calf Support in the market at competitive prices.
  • It is available in different sizes, ranging from S, M, L, XL to XXL sizes, to suit the body types of distinctive people.
  • Flamingo Calf Support is a lightweight product, used to provide gentle or appropriate support to the calf region.
  • It is especially designed by our experienced and talented team of experts to provide a sense of relief from the calf stress and pain experienced by people belonging to different age groups, professions and geographical regions.
  • Calf Support provides even compression and support to the entire calf area, without any type of compromise.
  • This product is ideal to be used in the case of muscle strains and other related problems.
  • Calf Support provides comfort to the user and does not cause any type of inconvenience in motion.
  • It helps in reducing painful muscle cramp and providing effective relief from aching calf muscles.
  • It improves the circulation of blood and eases the muscle strain.



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