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Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer

The ZR8 Cross Trainer offers an ultra-smooth motion with the 9kg flywheel which provides a total inertia weight of 24.6kg. With 32 levels of resistance all easily controlled through the sleek LCD display, your workout has never been so simple! The backlit display enables you to monitor your time, distance, heart rate or see how close you are to burning your target number of calories.
₹ 49,990.00

Reebok ZR10 Exercise Bike

The innovative Reebok ZR10 Exercise Bike uses a self-generating power system with rechargeable batteries to allow for a more flexible exercise programme. This system allows for all of the key features of the bike to be powered by your movement which encourages more motivation throughout your workout.
₹ 54,990.00

Reebok ZR8 Exercise Bike

The Reebok ZR8 Exercise Bike provides a wide range of features to help you benefit from the best possible cycling workout. With a large LCD screen with dual backlight, you are able to easily view your progress in addition to a number of functions such as speed, time, distance and even your pulse with the conveniently located hand pulse sensors on the handlebars.
₹ 34,990.00

imported massagers

No more muscle pain Compact body shaper Convenient
₹ 600.00

Dolphin Massagers with 4 Attachments.

  • Like a professional massage master, this powerful massager penetrates into your deep muscle layers, increases your blood circulation and oxygenation.
  • Consequently, vibrates away muscle knots, and releases sustained toxins. You will feel the immediate relief after only a short time treatment.
  • Consistent and acute massage treatment has been proved to be an effective way to reduce stress.
₹ 1,599.00