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Tynor Exercising Ball

Exercising Ball

Code: H 05
Sizes Available: OR / NR

Exercising ball is an excellent physiotherapy device to provide a pleasurable exercise plan for the hand, wrist, forearm and the fingers

  • Safe and inert
  • High patient compliance
  • Excellent resilience for a long functional life .
  • Compatible in thermal/hydrotherapy

₹ 61.00

MGRM Finger Exerciser 1201

Indicated for
  • Progressive resistant as well as strengthening exercise program for the affected fingers in case of surgery, paralysis, etc.
₹ 350.00

Body-Solid Series 7 Smith Machine Package (GS348QP4)

Our new Series 7 Smith Gym allows you to develop muscle mass beyond your imagination at a rate that will amaze you. You get virtually all the same exercises as you do in a fully equipped gym, but in the convenience of your own home, on your own schedule, without the need for a spotter.
₹ 2,67,400.00

Body-Solid Series 7 Smith Machine (GS348Q)

The Series 7 Smith Machine. Set to a 7-degree reversed pitch, the Series 7 allows natural upper and lower body movements for maximum muscle interaction; a feature not found in the traditional Smith Machine. User safety is provided by 20 cross-member lock-out points that are accessible with a simple 15-degree rotation of the bar, eliminating the need for a spotter. For those exercises that demand freeweight movement, the 14-position gunrack with 17" extra heavy-duty safeties is also set to a 7-degree reversed pitch providing convenient lift-off points and predictable racking.
₹ 1,29,900.00

Body-Solid 210 lb. Lat Attachment for GS348Q (GLA348S)

Series 7 Lat Attachment Features a precision machined 210 lb. alloy steel weight stack with "Add-On" weight posts for individual freeweight plates. The adjustable low row foot brace allows maximum prestretch for all size users.
₹ 69,900.00

Body-Solid Pec Attachment for GS348Q (GPA3)

Deliver a full-range unilateral or bi-lateral pec-fly motion. Features Extra-thick back and arm roller pads for ultimate comfort.
₹ 19,900.00

Powerline Smith Machine (PSM144X)

The PowerLine Smith Machine is a true powerhouse that is often imitated but never duplicated. It's a sophisticated combination of free weight power and resistance coupled with the safety and control of a machine. It uses four 2" x2" 12 gauge steel pillars to support and guide the patented Super-Glide carriage during your most vigorous sets.
₹ 39,900.00

Lat attachment for Powerline Smith Machine (PLA144X)

High and low pulleys deliver smooth, consistent resistance for lat pulldowns, triceps pressdowns, cable crossovers, seated rows and more.
₹ 25,900.00

Pec attachment for Powerline Smith Machine (PPA13X)

Perform Pec Fly's for fast and effective chest development.
₹ 15,900.00

Best Fitness Sportsman Gym 20 (BFMG20)

Complete gym in one compact, affordable machine. The padded pressing arms follow the natural arc of a free weight bench press and pectoral dumbbell fly. Features 2200 lb. test nylon coated aircraft quality cables and fiberglass pulleys with ball bearing movement on solid axle rotation. Includes high pulley with wide grip lat bar and low pulley with narrow grip low row bar. No cable change design!
₹ 39,900.00