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Horlicks Junior Chocolate Stage 1 500Gm Jar

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INGREDIENTS: Sugar, milk solids (30%), wheat flour (20%), malted barley (13%),cocoa powder, minerals, colour (ins 150c), nature identical flavouring substantces, salt, acidity regulator (ins 501ii), vitamins DHA rich algal oil

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It contains DHA which is clinically proven that it helps in brain progress. It contains with calcium and vitamin D for sturdy bones and growth of muscles.


  • Sugar, milk solids (30%)
  • Wheat flour (20%)
  • Malted barley (13%)
  • Cocoa powder
  • Minerals
  • Colour (ins 150c)
  • Nature identical flavouring substantces
  • Salt
  • Acidity regulator (ins 501ii)
  • Vitamins DHA rich algal oil The much loved taste of milk
  • Malted barley and wheat blended with the delicious taste of chocolate.
  • My special flavour of joy
  • Taste and nourishment.

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