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Horlicks Womens Chocolate 400Gm Jar

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1 Box of 400Gm Rich in milk protein and iron Enhance the immune system function

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Women's Horlicks is a nutritional supplement that consists of micro nutrients and nourishing ingredients in the form of vitamins and minerals along with proteins and calcium which are  responsible for healthy bone and blood in women. It is scientifically designed based on the nutritional guidelines provided by World Health Organization (WHO) and manufactured in a way that makes it easy to digest. Contains unique blend of ingredients formulated for health conscious urban working women that leads hectic lives and busy in balancing career and family. It fulfils the extra need of iron in women. It contains combination of HemoCal Nutrients that will replenish nutrient requirements and manage anaemia and other deficiencies in women.

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Benefits & Features

  • Rich in milk protein and iron
  • Enhance the immune system function
  • Easy to mix and digest
  • Calcium and vitamin D for healthy bones and muscles
  • HemoCal nutrients used for bone health and blood
  • Low fat and no added sugar
  • Fulfils Recommended Dietary Allowances of iron, calcium, folate and vitamins

Package content

  • One plastic jar of 400 grams


  • Ingredients: Malted Barley (Extracted Solids), Wheat Flour, Milk Solids, sugar, Mineral, Salt, protein isolate, acidity regulator, iron, calcium, vitamins C, B2, B6, B12, D, K, folic acid, magnesium

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