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Horlicks Womens Caramel 400Gm Jar

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Ingredients Malt extract (46%), milk solids (37%), hydrolysed corn solids, minerals, salt nature identical flavouring substances, acidity regulator (INS 501ill), vitiamins

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  • Horlicks Women's Health Drink - Caramel Flavour, 400 Gm Jar


  • Malt extract (46%)
  • Milk solids (37%)
  • Hydrolysed corn solids
  • Minerals
  • Salt nature identical flavouring substances
  • Acidity regulator (INS 501ill)
  • Vitiamins Provides 100% quota of my daily requirement of Calcium
  • Iron and other vital nutrients that help me take care of my blood and bone Health.

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