Hospital Disposables

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Dispo Van Syringes 5ml

1 of 5ml
₹ 5.00

Dispo Van Syringes 10ml

1 of 10 ml
₹ 8.00

Romsons Scalp Vein Set Ng (SV Set)

MRP:Rs. 11.50 for 1 Pack(s) (1 Unit each). This product is manufactured by Romsons
₹ 15.00

Romsons Dispo Mask

MRP:Rs. 4.64 for 1 Pack(s) (1 Unit each). This product is manufactured by Romsons
₹ 5.00

Romsons UROMETER PLUS - DB-1068N - (Box of 1)

Universal tapered connector with sampling port facilitates mid stream urine sampling. Urometer has been designed for measurement of hourly urine output. Clear and transparent measured volume chamber provides accurate measurement.
₹ 270.00

Romsons Urosis - DB 1066 ( Size : 10 - Box of 20)

Uretheral catheter with integrated urine collecting bag. Ideal for emergency drainage of urine. Short term bladder catheterization with “NO SPLASH” of urine.
₹ 900.00

Romsons - TUR Set (Box of 10) -GS-1008

Thumb operated clamps, helps quick and smooth change of bottles. Proximal end fitted with flexible latex tubing for easy connection to Endoscope.
₹ 2,700.00

Romsons Uro Bag - Romo 10 (Box of 25) - DB-1070

Two litre capacity bag provided with 100 cm long super smooth kink resistant tubing ensures unrestricted flow. • Specially designed moulded handle facilitates easy carrying and handling of bag and holds the tube in upright position to prevent kinking.
₹ 2,650.00

Romsons Uro Cath ( 2 WAY- GS-1072) FG 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 - Box of 10

Made up of latex bonded with silicone elastomer which eliminates the risk of encrustation . Symmetrical large capacity balloon ensuring a straight tip for proper flow and good sphincter action thus preventing bladder leakage.
₹ 1,510.00

Catheter Male - Romsons

Penile Sheath/External Catheter. Male Cath is specially designed for urine incontinence for day and night use in male patients. Manufactured from 100% latex for soft and gentle feel.
₹ 2,150.00

Romsons Peadiatric Urine Collecting Bag Box of 50

Use of hypo-allergic adhesive for fixation minimizes risk of allergy and injury. Suitable for both male and female infants.
₹ 1,200.00