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Huggies Wonder Pants Medium - 9 Pieces

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Age: 6 months onwards

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  • A baby’s skin is like a feather, soft and delicate.
  • It deserves special care and comfort. Huggies diapers are made to provide your baby’s gentle skin with the protection and comfort it needs.
  • Huggies diapers come in 4 different variants for babies of all sizes that keep your baby dry, rash-free, healthy and are comfortable to use.
  • Huggies Wonder Pants are the softest* diaper pants specially designed to keep your baby comfortable, dry and rash-free all the time.


  • Soft-Hug Design that hugs your baby’s bottom.
  • Cottony Soft Material that is gentle on your baby’s bottom.
  • Soft elastic waistband.
  • Blue Speed Dry Layer that soaks the wetness instantly.
  • Clinically Proven to prevent diaper rash

  • Highly breathable diapers were found to be more effective in preventing diaper rash than non-breathable diapers, based on a clinical study done in US- (Akin et al Pediatric Dermatology 2001).
  • Huggies Wonder Pants breathability features which were tested in the diapers in the clinical trials.

How To Use:

  •  Step 1: Wear with Huggies® logo at the back
  • Step 2: Run your fingers along the baby’s waistline to adjust the soft stretchable waistband. It provides comfort and prevents marks even when the baby is on the move
  • Step 3: To remove, tear-away the sides for easy removal of soiled pants


  • Brand - Huggies
  • Type - Wonder Pants
  • Size - Medium
  • No Of Pieces - 44
  • Recommended Age - 5 to 12 Months

Items included in the Package:

  • Huggies Wonder Pants

Find The Right Size

  • The right sized diaper makes a world of difference. Pick the size according to your baby’s weight.
  • Small - 4 to 8 Kg
  • Medium - 7 to 12 Kg
  • Large - 9 to 14 Kg
  • XL - 12 to 17 Kg

Product Specifications

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