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INLIFE Chitosan (90 Capsules)

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Weight management, Improving heart health, Improving digestive health, Treating insomnia, Curing anemia, Treating crohn's disease, Treating gout, Relieving hypertension, Fighting infections.

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Chitosan is a carbohydrate polymer that is extracted from the outer shell of crustaceans like shrimps, prawns,lobsters, shellfish and crabs. The most effective use of chitosan is seen in the areas of controlling obesity andpromoting weight loss. Chitosan binds to the lipids in the digestive track to prevent their metabolism which in turn helps in weight loss.

The chitins present in chitosan are positively charged amino polysaccharide molecules that absorb the negatively charged fats and lipids and prevents them from entering the blood stream. This makes it an ideal substitute for quick weight loss.

Chitosan has also been shown to promote overall cardio-vascular health by lowering the levels of LDL “bad” cholesterol and improving the levels of HDL “good” cholesterol in blood. It helps in maintaining the high blood pressure volume and thus curing hypertension.

Chitosan increases the capacity of the body to absorb calcium thereby treating anemia and conditions like gout and arthritis. It also improves digestive health by relieving disorders such as heartburn and Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS).

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