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INLIFE Prebiotics and Probiotics (60 Capsules)

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  • Provides perfect blend of 5 billion bacteria
  • Supports healthy digestive function
  • Provides relief from acidity
  • Helps in ulcerative colitis
  • Supports general well-being
  • Helps in better absorption of nutrients

₹ 600.00

Form Capsules
Packaging Bottle
Quantity 60 Capsules
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Ideal For Healthy Digestive System, Acidity, Overall Well Being
Ingredients Highly Researched Strains of Beneficial Bacteria
Gender Suitable for all
Life stage Adult
More Information Provides perfect blend of 5 billion bacteria

INLIFE Prebiotics & Probiotics Capsules has two highly- researched strains of beneficial bacteria. And it also has multiple beneficial strains that are essential to support your digestive system. Probiotics are the organisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer health benefits. They are friendly bacteria that maintain a delicate balance between the beneficial flora and bad bacteria. The good bacteria which become depleted due to poor diet and aging, can be replenished by taking probiotic capsules. Prebiotics act as nourishment to probiotics and are non-digestible foods that make their way through our digestive system and help good bacteria grow and flourish. prebiotics and probiotics capsules ingredients

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