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Tynor Cervical Collar Soft With Support

A cervical collar (also neck brace) is an orthopedic medical device used to support a patient's neck and head. It is also used by emergency personnel for those who have had traumatic head or neck injuries,and can be used to treat chronic medical conditions.
₹ 267.00

Tynor Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable

Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable is used for supporting, immobilizing or adjusting the neck in the flexion, extension, or hyperextension position. Recommended where a rigid immobilization of the cervical region is required.
  • Anatomical shape.
  • Comfortable edge padding.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Latex free.
₹ 310.00

Tynor Pouch Arm Sling (Tropical)

Pouch Arm Sling (Tropical) holds, supports and immobilizes the sprained, broken or surgically operated arm in the flexion position while it recuperates. A sleek and a smart design ideally suitable for tropical countries with hot and humid climatic conditions. Adjustable Wrinkle proof
₹ 250.00

Tynor Universal Shoulder Immobilizer

Universal Shoulder immobilizer is one of the most commonly used designs to immobilize and support the dislocated shoulder. This is also used in the fractures of clavicle bone and the shoulder joint where immobilization of the region is required . Perfect immobilization Enhanced comfort .
₹ 426.00

Tynor Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer

Size Inchces CM Small 28-32 70-80 Medium 32-36 80-90 Large 36-40 90-100 XL 40-44 100-110

Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer is a lightweight, sleek and smart design to provide immobilization in shoulder dislocation and post operative rehabilitation. It reduces abduction and arm rotation by positioning the arm close to the body. It comes with a shoulder cup, which improves grip , immobilization, warmth and confidence of the patient.

₹ 532.00

Tynor Clavicle Brace With Velcro

Clavicle Brace With Velcro Is A Smart, And A Comfortable Brace Designed To Immobilize, Compress & Stabilize Fractures, Involving The Clavicle Bone. Linear union Better tightening, more grip No under arm rash . No buckle biting .
₹ 302.00

Tynor Ankle Binder

  • Sizes Available: S / M / L
  • Soft patella
  • Dual grip
  • Four way stretchable fabric Controlled compression Convenient application
₹ 234.00

Tynor Ankle Brace - Medium

  • size:S / M / L
  • Rigid splinting
  • Fits left and right
  • Easy to wear
  • Controlled compression
  • Comfortable sung fit
₹ 509.00

Tynor Knee Cap (Pair)

Sizes Available: S / M / L Hypoallergenic Four way stretch Uniform compression Simple pull on application
₹ 231.00

Tynor Knee Cap (Pair) Spl Size

Knee Caps are tubular supports widely used in orthopaedic practice to provide mild compression warmth & support to the limbs and joints, to allay pain and inflammation, generally associated with old age, arthritis, sports injury etc.
₹ 288.00

Tynor Knee Cap (With Rigid Hinge) - Medium

Knee Cap (with Rigid Hinge) a versatile device which offers the advantage of compression around the knee and the support of a side splint, while allowing normal flexion of knee. Extra strap for secured fitting Side splinting with free flexion movement . Size:S,M,L
₹ 365.00