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JW Sports MC-001 Seated Chest Press

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  • The design inspiration comes from the sailing boat, full of passion and freedom;
  • Enhanced quality steel tube reflects fashion and energetic sense;
  • Full closed one-time molding PVC guard board, makes it more beautiful and safer when doing exercise;
  • Automatically recorded functional monitor, makes movement more humanization and scientific.

₹ 1,65,500.00

Product Description 

  • Nice Appearance Our MC series or H series fitness machinery is steady but delicately beautiful, due to the perfect combination of flat oval tube and perfect oval tube, as well as its nice arc outward appearance.
  • Unique Movement Trajectory Its movement trajectory absorbs the overseas advanced design concept. It is designed on basis of ergonomics engineering and Chinese elements, thus entirely satisfying the needs of people for keeping fit. Thanks to the design of double separated movement trajectory, the arms can be moved synchronously or asynchronously. Moreover, this design highlights detailed movement and humanized product.
  • One-Time Shape Mold Technology The double-side PVC weight stack cover is manufactured by one-time shape mold technology. This fully sealed cover can not only make exercise much safer, but also wholly improve the appearance and quality of our fitness machinery.

Main Components

  • Our product adopts aluminum pulley and steel weight plate, which offers high durability and smooth operation.
  • Its cable is made of steel with its diameter of 3.5mm, which is jacketed with PVC of 5.5mm outside diameter.
  • Its frame is surfaced with silver and varnish paints, and its stuffing is formed by PU foam and synthetic leather.
  • In addition, this fitness machinery puts to use the translucent acrylic made front cover as well as the steel sheet formed back cover.
  • Its digital counter enables the exercise to be more scientific and human-oriented.
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