Kama Sutra

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Kamasutra Smooth 3's

Kamasutra Smooth Condoms are smooth as silk that heightens sensitivity and pleasure. These condoms have a unique reservoir tip and are leak proof.
₹ 60.00

Kamasutra Intensity 10's

Get ready for an intimate night with pleasure intensity condoms by one of the leading condom brand KamaSutra. Multiply her pleasure, the condom promises you for an extra pleasurable night. Specially moulded ribs and dots on the outside KamaSutra Intensity Condoms makes it perfect to stimulate and intensify the sexual intercourse. Make love better and get ready to feel the tenderness, subtleties and mysteries with KamaSutra's pleasure intensity condoms. This extra pleasure latex condom is a pack of 10.
₹ 120.00

Kamasutra Ribbed 20's

Step up the excitement with KamaSutra Ribbed condoms, ribbed for a unique and sensational love making experience. These ribbed condoms come with power ribs for heightened pleasure and sensation.
₹ 131.00

Kamasutra Superthin 3's

KamaSutra SuperThin condoms are so thin you will feel there is nothing between you and the ultimate natural sensation.
₹ 60.00

Kamasutra Wet 'n' Wild 3's

Indulge in the act of sexual pleasures, love making with one of the renowned brand KamaSutra. KamaSutra Pleasure Wet n' Wild condoms have 600 mg of silicone lubrication, which is twice the lubrication on a regular KamaSutra Condom, ensuring a stimulating and frictionless sexual experience
₹ 60.00

KamaSutra HoneyMoon Pack

An Intensely passionate assortment of exciting condoms, erotic gifts, games & some surprising extras Goodies :*KS Love Dice Game *KS Key chain *KS Feather Teaser KS Satin Blindfold *
₹ 499.00

Kamasutra Warm Intimacy 3's

Make love like never before with these unique condoms which give you and your partner a sensational, warm feeling. Warm Intimacy condom contains a special formulation along with normal lubricant that creates a warming feeling during its usage giving the effect of intimacy and warmth.
₹ 60.00

Kamasutra Chill&Thrill 3's

Get ready to send some chill across her spine with KamaSutra Pleasure Chill Thrill Condoms pack of 3. KamaSutra Chill Thrill would help you experience the chilling and thrilling sensation of love making as you chill it out with your partner. This chill thrill condom gives you an awesome sensation of a little bit of coolness midst the rising passions. Chill Thrill condom contains 2% menthol along with normal lubricant that creates a cooling feeling during usage. It results in a tingling feeling which stimulates the m
₹ 60.00