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Vissco Elastic Tabular Ankle Support (M, Beige)

Made from skin friendly material with ventilating effect. The cotton knitted elastic releases sweat and permits air flow making this support breathable. Anatomically shaped and Seamless with open toe and open heel for comfort and ease of movement. Provides compression, warmth and increases blood flow. Gives optimal support to an ankle joint.
₹ 314.00

Tynor R.O.M Knee Brace

Prefabricated, custom adjusted R.O.M. Knee Brace controls and restrict flexion/extension of the knee joint through a multi-point joint fixation system to allow a range of motion or immobilization to the knee. Universal design allows it to be used on quite a big range of population and for a multiple orthopedic problems associated with knee joint. Immobilization at any angle Controlled motion between any two angles .
₹ 1,834.00

Vissco Patella Brace Neoprene Knee Support (L, Blue)

Vissco patella knee brace is an ideal rehabilitation aid for the treatment of knee condition. Patella donut tubular knee brace is uniquely designed and it offers full circumference patellar control forchondromalicia, parellar tracking, abnormalities and patellar tendinitis. For measurements please note that minimum size refers to below knee circumference and maximum size refers to above knee circumference.
₹ 760.00

Tynor Knee Cap (With Rigid Hinge) - Medium

Knee Cap (with Rigid Hinge) a versatile device which offers the advantage of compression around the knee and the support of a side splint, while allowing normal flexion of knee. Extra strap for secured fitting Side splinting with free flexion movement . Size:S,M,L
₹ 365.00

Tynor Ankle Brace - Medium

  • size:S / M / L
  • Rigid splinting
  • Fits left and right
  • Easy to wear
  • Controlled compression
  • Comfortable sung fit
₹ 509.00

Tynor Pelvic Traction Belt

Complete solution for lower back related ailments Improves traction and exercises the muscles Customized compression and flexible sizing Ergonomically sturdy and convenient .
₹ 564.00

Tynor-Hot and Cold Pack

  • Sizes Available: UN
  • Tynor Hot and Cold Pack is a convenient device to provide hot fomentation or cold compress
  • Reduce swelling and odema at the site of injury
  • Muscles spasm and pain
  • Headache and minor injuries
₹ 496.00

Tynor Insole Full Silicon

  • Sizes Available: S / M / L / XL
  • Anatomically designed
  • comfortable insoles
  • With extra soft spots
  • With high cushioning co-efficients
  • Odorless- easy to clean and maintain
  • Thin construction- easy to fit into any shoe
₹ 899.00

LP Support Standard Knee Support (Closed Patella) 706

Arthritis Strain/sprain Weak knee
₹ 1,095.00

LP Support Knee Support Closed Patella (One Size Fits all) 756

Weak knee Mild strain/sprain Arthritis
₹ 1,095.00

LP Support Standard Knee Support (Open Patella) 708

Mild strain/sprain Arthritis Patellar instability
₹ 1,095.00

Lp Support Knee Support (Open Patella) (One Size Fits all) 758

Weak knee Mild strain/sprain Arthritis
₹ 1,095.00