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Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner, 4g

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Almond oil: Excellent emollient and nourishing properties, natural source of vitamin E Camphor: Cooling effect on eyes

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Product Description Water proof, botanical extracts. From the Manufacturer The Lotus Herbals Opulence botanical eyeliner is a beautifying cosmetic for the eyes, that comes in a 4g bottle. This eyeliner, unlike other synthetic eyeliners, contains botanical extracts and is a natural product to use. As this ophthalmologically-tested eyeliner is natural to apply, and its safety to the eyes is assured. It is also waterproof, ensuring that it stays on for longer. This eyeliner lasts for almost one day, without leaving any smudge marks or flakes around. Because of its density, it provides strength to the eyelashes and keeps them bound along the eyebrow. To ensure an accurate application of the eyeliner over the eyes, it comes with a pen-tip along with a cap. This eyeliner contains almond oil and vitamin E, which are responsible for the nourishment of the skin around the eyes. Also, it contains camphor, which leaves a cooling effect on the eyes. This beautifying natural eyeliner for women is also easy to apply. With its fine tip, the Lotus Herbals botanical eyeliner offers a blend of style, nourishment, and strength to one’s eyelashes, and comes in a greatly competitive price range. Product Features Comes in a 4g bottle. Is a natural product. Increases the density of the eyelashes. Includes almond oil, vitamin E, and camphor. Is ophthalmologically tested and waterproof.

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