LP Support Standard Knee Support (Open Patella) 708

Mild strain/sprain Arthritis Patellar instability
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Manufacturer: LPSupport
₹ 1,095.00
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Lp Support Knee Support with Stays 733

Knee instability Patellar subluxation/ tilting Muscle strain Collateral ligament injury
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Tynor L.S Belt Lumbopore Special.Size

Lumbopore offers the advantage of advanced designing and the technically correct materials so as to provide the patient effective support and immobilization on one hand and excellent aesthetics and comfort on the other. Lumbopore maintains the lumbar and sacral regions in the neutral position to allay low back pain syndrome.
₹ 1,011.00

Tynor Contoured L.S. Support

Size Inches CM Small 28-32 70-80 Medium 32-36 80-90 Large 36-40 90-100 XL 40-44 100-110
  • Ensures strong fastening for secure fitting, better immobilization, prevents belt slippage.
  • Offers high cushioning even in thin sections, provides better patient comfort, without compromising the immobilization.
₹ 919.00

MGRM Lumbo Sacral Belt 0511

Indicated for
  • Treatment of low back pain in inter-vertebral disc syndrome (Slipped disc), spinal injuries, osteoarthritis and sciatica.
  • Osteoporosis and related old age lumbar spine problems.
  • Post-operative conditions.
₹ 540.00