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Shivalik Herbals Karela-Momordica Charantia - 60 Caps (500 mg each)

Description: Shivalik Herbals Karela-Momordica Charantia: Shivalik Herbals Karela-Momordica Charantia also known as bitter melon regulates blood sugar levels.Shivalik Herbals Karela-Momordica Charantia is Anthelmintics & diuretic. Karela excite pancreas, spleen and liver and helps in admirable absorption of food in the GI tract.Shivalik Herbals Karela-Momordica Charantiais extremely beneficial in treating Diabetes mellitus.Shivalik Herbals Karela-Momordica Charantia helps in maintaining good and clear skin. Karela treats worm infestations and also helps in evading parasitic attack. Shivalik Herbals Karela-Momordica Charantia is helpful as an emetic, purgative, as an anthelmentic, in piles, and jaundice
₹ 185.00

Accu-Chek Active Test Strips Box, 100 Strips

  • A perfect choice for people suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Designed with advanced technology
  • Checks blood sugar at home at just Rs. 15
  • Get fast results without any hassles of going to the doctor
₹ 1,480.00

Protinex Diabetes Care Vanilla Flavour 200Gm Tin (Protein Supplement)

Protinex Nutritional Supplement - Diabetes Care (Vanilla Flavour) is a tasty and healthy drink in Vanilla flavour. Protinex Nutritional Supplement for Diabetes Care not only provides complete nutrition but also manages blood sugar levels, weight and cholesterol. This nutrient dense formula contains high protein content to supplement possible low intake from a controlled diet.
₹ 330.00

Sugar Free Gold Pellets, 500 Tablets/Pack

Healthy alternative to sugar Can be mixed easily with a variety of foods and beverages Helps to cut down on calories
₹ 240.00

sugar free natura powder, 1 (100g) piece(s)/pack

Sugar Free Natura: Made from sugar, tastes like sugar, without the useless calories of sugar. It contains Sucralose, the latest international zero calorie sweetener. You can now replace sugar virtually in any preparations from table top applications to desserts, sweets, mithais like gajar halwa, mixed fruit custard, ice cream, kheer etc.
₹ 140.00

Onetouch Ultrasoft Lancets, 25 Piece(S)/Pack

  • Extra-thin tips for pain-free testing
  • Accurate results in just 5 seconds
  • Any microlet lancing device can be used
₹ 175.00

accu-chek soft clix lancets, 25 piece(s)

  • Silicon coated needles
  • Sterilized with gamma radiation
  • 3-sided optimally cut lancet, sterilized with gamma radiations
  • Fast Penetration Speed
₹ 125.00

Onetouch Select Simple Glucose Meter

  • Kit includes: OneTouch Select Simple Blood Glucose Meter, Lancing Device, 10 Sterile Lancets, 10 test strips, Carrying Case, User Guide
  • Helps in easy daily monitoring of blood glucose levels
  • Color and audio alerts for glucose level fluctuations
  • No-coding, no setup and no buttons
₹ 1,290.00

onetouch ultra test strips, 25

  • Automatically draws blood into the test strips in a painless manner
  • Accurate results in just 5 seconds
  • Fast, painless testing
₹ 875.00

sugar free natura sachets, 50 sachets pack

Healthy sugar substitute Low calories infused Useful for weight watchers, diabetic patients and fitness freaks
₹ 85.00


Resource® Diabetic is a supplement that is specifically formulated for people with diabetes. It is low in carbohydrate (with no added sucrose), high in protein and contains soluble and insoluble fibre. Suitable for oral use, it provides 1.06 calories per mL. Resource® Diabetic is recommended for patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and 2, gestational diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance and stress-induced hyperglycaemia.
₹ 425.00

orbit sweet mint sugar free 30

Orbit Sugarfree Gum are wrigley's sweet mint flavored sugar free gum. These gums are artificially flavored.
₹ 30.00

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