Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care

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Farlin Electric Breast Pump Kit

Unique AC-DC function and Lightweight Polycarbonate feeding bottle and breast shield are boilable Breast shield with petal-shape soft liner, which eases the pain and massage the breast for promoting the milk flow comfortably easy to use and convenient for carry Needs only one hand to operate the pump Available for adaptor to conserve batteries
₹ 3,595.00

Painezee Pressure Right Strip For Women - 3 Days

Key Feature : For Relief Of Nausea Type : Pregnancy Care
₹ 450.00

Saliva Fertility Tester

Key Feature : KNOWHEN is a Saliva Fertility tester that quickly and accurately detects the woman's fertile and infertile days . When a woman is fertile her saliva contains high lebel of salts . These salts form a fern pattern when saliva is dried on the KNOWHEN Mini Ovulation Microscope lens Type : Fertility Care
₹ 5,500.00

Women Vit

MRP:Rs. 95 for 1 Strip(s) (10 Tablets each). This product is manufactured by John Walter Labs
₹ 95.00

Pigeon Breast Care Gel

₹ 1,050.00

Horlicks Womens Caramel 400Gm Jar

Ingredients Malt extract (46%), milk solids (37%), hydrolysed corn solids, minerals, salt nature identical flavouring substances, acidity regulator (INS 501ill), vitiamins
₹ 295.00

nature bounty multi day women c&i 100 tab

Formulated with 15 important vitamins and minerals, this high-potency multi gives women the nutrients they need every day in an easy, one-tablet dose. These tablets feature Calcium for strong bones, plus Iron and Folic Acid to contribute to women's health.
₹ 1,500.00

Velocit - Pregnancy detection Kit

Velocit is a simple one-step pregnancy diagnosis kit. Velocit works by detecting the pregnancy hormone (hCG) in a urine sample. hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that appears in the urine when a woman is pregnant approximately 20 days after her last menstrual period. This pregnancy hormone level then rises rapidly reaching a peak level by 8-12 weeks of gestation.
₹ 65.00

Vee Excel Women Care - 200 ml x 3 pcs


VXL women care is a complete female tonic, that helps in gynaecological problems of women like general weakness, fatigue, backache, irregular mensturation etc. It also helps in increasing the strength and stamina.


Complete female tonic for women health. For various gynaecological disorders, general weakness etc. 
₹ 450.00

INLIFE Breast Firming Cream

  • Ayurvedic solution for breast firming
  • Uplifts sagging breasts
  • Strengthens and firms ligaments around breasts
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Helps to give perfect breast contours
  • 100% natural ayurvedic product
₹ 579.00

INLIFE Natural Breast Enlargement Cream 100Gm

  • 100% natural ayurvedic solution for bust enlargement
  • Helps to increase cup size
  • Improves the contours
  • Gives a fuller bust
₹ 579.00

Calcium Sandoz Womens Pineapple

Description: Calcium Sandoz delivers more Calcium than any other general health supplement.It strengthens bones which are the framework of your body and helps lay a solid foundation for a healthy future. After all, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.
₹ 115.00