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RadBlok - Anti Radiation Chip

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Radblok's anti-EM Radiation chip uses a patent-pending technology protects you by superimposing an optimal random field or 'noise field' on the EM Radiation coming from your cell phone. This neutralizes the harmful effects without disturbing the function and operation of your cell phone.

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Adverse Effects of EMR

Electro-magnetic radiation is said to be dangerous in many ways including Infertility, Ear Tissue Problem, Alzheimer, High Irritation Levels, Nausea, Tiredness, Giddiness, Heart, Malfunctioning (Missing Beats), Brain Malfunctioning (Brain Waves Disorder), Hypertension (Collision of energies), Constant exposure will lead to Cancer, Brain Tumors, Heart Diseases and Many More Fatal Illness. It is studied that EMR puts all of us in some kind of danger, but the most affected are those who have lesser resistance like kids, medically unfit, pregnant women and old people.

Cellphone Radiation Effects Brain

Researchers have found that 50-minute mobile phone use is linked with increased brain glucose metabolism - a marker of brain activity - in the region closest to the phone antenna, but they are unsure of clinical significance of this finding. The study appears in the Journal of American Medical Association.

In 2007, Dr. Lennart Hardell, from Örebro University in Sweden, reviewed published epidemiological papers (2 cohort studies and 16 case-control studies) and found that

  • Cell phone users had an increased risk of malignant gliomas.
  • Link between cell phone use and a higher rate of acoustic neuromas.
  • Tumors are more likely to occur on the side of the head that the cell handset is used.
  • One hour of cell phone use per day significantly increases tumor risk after ten years or more.

Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity

Some users of mobile handsets have reported feeling several unspecific symptoms during and after its use; ranging from burning and tingling sensations in the skin of the head and extremities, fatigue, sleep disturbances, dizziness, loss of mental attention, reaction times and memory retentiveness, headaches, malaise, tachycardia (heart palpitations), to disturbances of the digestive system. Reports have noted that all of these symptoms can also be attributed to stress and that current research cannot separate the symptoms from nocebo effects.

Cellphone Radiation and Cancer

There are several different types of radiation present in our surroundings on a day to day basis. Electromagnetic energy from cell phones and radio towers are categorized as non-ionizing radiation and are generally thought to be harmless, while iodizing rays from x-rays and nuclear energy have been proven to cause cancer. However, in recent years the sheer number of non-ionizing instruments in our environment has caused some scientists to wonder if the assumption that this type of radiation is truly safe.

Impact of Wi-Fi (wireless internet connection) Technology on Health

The technological benefits of Wireless Fidelity technology versus the wireless hazards is a hot debate in many different countries. In the United States, a class action lawsuit has been brought against a school board who use the technology in their classrooms. In Britain, it has been removed from some classrooms altogether. Are these precautionary measures necessary, or simply the reaction of a public frightened by a technology they do not fully understand?

Cell Phone Use Linked to Decreased Sperm Count and Quality

Using a hands-free device with a cell phone may affect your fertility if you keep your phone close to your waist, Cleveland Clinic researchers warn in the journal Fertility and Sterility. Men who use these hands-free devices tend to carry their cell phones in their pants pocket or clipped to their belts at the waist while in talk mode. As a result, they may be exposing their lower abdomen to damaging radio frequency electromagnetic waves, explains Ashok Agarwal, PhD, head of the andrology laboratory and the director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

RadBlok - anti radiation mobile chip

This Product has been specifically designed with materials used in Aeronautics, Defense, Hospitals, Communication and Telecommunication Industries for preventing Electro Magnetic Radiation, Static Interference, Solar Flares, Magnetic Storms, and Electric Storms, Thunder Generated by Radio Frequencies and other Natural and Artificial Causes.

The ideology behind this product is to create awareness on EMR and provide the best available option to safeguard maximum number of people from mobile radiation, which may be harmful.

Uniqueness of the Product

Fiber materials made of Nickel Copper Silver Gold and Carbon were used in the process of making this Product along with 24 Ct. pure Gold. All the materials used are 80% recyclable according to the Environmental guidelines and the best safe anti radiation materials available on the earth.

This product is tested on various models like GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, HSPDA, HSPDA+, 3G, 3.5G, 4G, and Computer Communications like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and even Microwaves. The Base material when used on the Hardware and Physical Components, the embedded technology is able to isolate radio signals, EMR and create a static decay thus in result of Safe Guarding from the adverse affects of EMR Generated from mobile communications.

The advantages of the product are

  • Installation of the RadBlok, which is comprised of the best thermo and radiation resistant materials like 24 k Gold, keeps EMR rays away from the user.
  • Multi Layers of radiation safe material for solid safety
  • Radiation safe package with Electro Magnetic Interface Plastic
  • Radiation safe treated EMI Plastic with 96% protection
  • Heat resistant to withstand high temperatures
  • Water proof & weather proof
  • Materials used are Bacteria resistant to prevent harmful bacterial growth


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