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royal canin boxer junior 12 kg rs 5620

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Royal Canin Boxer Junior - 12 Kg The Royal Canin Boxer Junior 12 kg pack helps to provide the much required support to the mass development of your adult dog. The addition of L-carnitine helps in healthy growth while maintaining your pet’s fragile digestive system. The digestive formula helps to promote the perfect balance for your pet and ensures good quality of stool with the presence of intestinal flora. You have to keep in mind that Boxers have a brachycephalic jaw so he or she will need a special kibble that will ensure that it is easy for your Boxer to pick it up and chew. Along with this it is fortified with natural defences that provides the required support to your Boxer and provides a boost to your pets immunity system helping, while maintaining its general health and ensuring effective growth. The12kg pack is a complete food in itself, the only thing you have to remember is to ensure availability of fresh water at all times. FEATURES .Helps to maintain the ideal weight of your pet .Kibble size especially made for your junior Boxer .Maintains healthy skin and coat .Complete food in itself

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