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royal canin medium starter 12 kg rs 5271

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Medium Starter 12Kg Royal Canin .Royal Canin Medium Starter has been specially formulated for all medium breed mothers and is perfect to be given starting from the end of the third trimester and can be given continuously during lactation and to the puppies as well till they are of two month of age. This 12kg pack is perfect to be given during gestation, birth, lactation, weaning and accelerating growth. .The special 12kg pack is formulated with a start complex. This is a combination of various nutrients that are naturally present in the mother’s milk, which helps to promote digestive health and helps to maintain the natural defences in your puppy. This helps the mother during the high energy requirement phase, which is required towards the end of her gestation and lactation. The kibbles can be easily rehydrated and should become like a porridge which is very palatable for your weaning puppies. Just remember that if you are mixing it with water do not throw away the water as it will have all the nutrition. FEATURES .Helps to meet energy requirements in gestation and lactation .Accelerates growth in puppies .Very palatable .Easy transition from mothers milk SPECIFICATIONS .Life Stage - Weaning puppies up to 2 months old .Breed - Medium .Quantity (Weight) - 12 kgs

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