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Tribulus Terrestris Vegetarian Capsules

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100% Natural Product With Saponins > 20%, Boosts Stamina, Increases levels of testosterone, Increases Libido Levels, Increases Strength and Muscle Mass, Treats Angina 500mg Extract Per Capsule

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Tribulus terrestris or Gokshura is an annual flowering plant native to tropical regions of southern Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe. The roots or seed pods of this plant have been used for ages in Ayurvedic medicine to improve sexual strength. Tribulus terrestris helps in boosting testosterone levels and increase stamina for better athletic performance. The active ingredients in tribulus terrestris are saponins, flavonoids, alkaloids, ligninamides and glycosides.

Tribulus terrestris extract boosts the production of leutenizing hormone – a regulator of testosterone that helps in stimulating the release of testosterone in men. It also improves the production and quality of sperm in men and better egg production in women. It also treats erectile dysfunction effectively. Tribulus terrestris supplements have been shown to improve ovulation and fertility in women and reduce pre and postmenopausal symptoms.

Intake of Tribulus terrestris in the form of supplements can increase strength and lean muscle mass in athletes and bodybuilders. Other than being an amazing testosterone booster, tribulus terrestris also helps in boosting the circulatory system and treating cardiovascular diseases such as angina, hypertension and high cholesterol.

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