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Tynor Knee Support Hinged (Neoprene) - L

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Elastic knee Support is a versatile knee support which offers the advantage of controlled compression around the knee and a rigid lateral immobilization and support of a splint. It allows normal flexion and free movement of the knee joint.

  • Patellar Opening.
  • Easy application.
  • Controlled compression.
  • Perfect lateral splinting.
  • Mimics movement of natural joint.

₹ 1,069.00


Strong aluminum Hinges

  • Rigid side splinting
  • Free flexion movement.

Open patella design

  • Release patellar pressure.
  • Hold the patella in position
  • Can be used for Patellofemoral diseases

Wrap design

  • Easy application and removal on swollen or asymmetric knees
  • Easy application and removal for weak or geriatric patients.
  • Allows customized compression
  • Offers flexibility in sizing

Patellar cushion

  • Improves patient comfort
  • Improves compression
  • Improves grip of the product

Large dorsal opening

  • Ensures no buckling on bending
  • No vaso constriction on the dorsal area
  • Improves patient comfort and compliance.

Product Specifications

Brand Tynor