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Vissco Elastic Binder Ankle Support (M, Beige)

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To be used in a figure of eight shape for stability and support. Adjusts to and fits the ankle firmly, can be tightened or loosened as required. Hook and loop fasteners provide ease of adjustability. The binder can be worn under shoes or normal footwear. Check the circumference of the ankle and check the size mentioned below. Swelling can be curtailed due to compression provides support and stability to the ankle.

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Specifications of Vissco Elastic Binder Ankle Support (M, Beige)

In the Box
Sales Package Support
Number of Contents in Sales Package Pack of 1
Type Ankle Support
Series Physio aids
Designed For Both Feet
Ideal Usage Ankle Sprain and Strain, Ligament or Tendon Injury of the Ankl, Slight Instability of the Ankle Joint, Swollen Ankle, Can be used to Control Flaccid Foot Drop
Size M
Size in Number 12 - 12.8 inch
Material Cotton Elastic
Closure Velcro Strap

Product Specifications