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Aczee (mouth/throat) (20 Gm)

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MRP:Rs. 29 for 1 Tube(s) (20 g each). This product is manufactured by Zee Laboratories Ltd

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CompositionBenzoyl Peroxide (2.50%) SALT INFORMATIONBenzoyl Peroxide (2.50%) TYPICAL USAGE Acne vulgaris and acne rosacea. SIDE EFFECTS Excessive drying of skin, allergic dermatitis. May bleach fabrics or hair. Skin discoloration; skin rash, peeling, transient local oedema. DRUG INTERACTION PABA sunscreens may transiently discolour fabric. MECHANISM OF ACTION Benzoyl peroxide has mild keratolytic effect and antimicrobial activity which is attributed to its oxidative property. It is active against S.epidermidis and P.acne.

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