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Arteema (150 Mg)

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CompositionArteether (75 mg) SALT INFORMATIONArteether (75 mg) TYPICAL USAGE Acute malaria SIDE EFFECTS Headache, nausea, cough and dizziness. Body ache, general weakness, vomiting, pain at inj site, abdominal pain, leg pain, chills and rigors and watery diarrhoea. DRUG INTERACTION Interacts with other drugs like Amiodarone (HCl), Astemizole, Bretylium (Tosylate), Disopyramide, Erythromycin, Halofantrine (HCl), Mefloquine (HCl), Probucol, Procainamide (HCl), Quinidine, Quinine, Sotalol (HCl), Terfenadine. MECHANISM OF ACTION Involves an interaction with ferriprotoporphyrin IX (heme), or ferrous ions, in the acidic parasite food vacuole, which results in the generation of cytotoxic radical species. The generally accepted mechanism of action of peroxide antimalarials involves interaction of the peroxide-containing drug with heme, a hemoglobin degradation byproduct, derived from proteolysis of hemoglobin. This interaction is believed to result in the formation of a range of potentially toxic oxygen and carbon-centered radicals.

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