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Diamond B.P Apparatus Regular

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  • Has a glass tube which has a 3 mm inner diameter
  • Comes with a standard cotton cuff without a D-ring.
  • Comes with a 2-tube adult size bladder and a standard latex bulb.
  • An economy model Meant especially for medical students.
  • Available with a Velcro type fastening cuff.
  • This is very popular in General Hospital Wards.

₹ 2,535.00


  • Spyghmomanomter is a device to measure blood pressure .
  • The results are accurate errors of caliberation cannot occur .
  • This is a Standard Design specially suitable for the medical students and Medical practitioners .
  • Most preferred brand . 
  • Mostly preffered by the medical students .

When to Use ?

  • The spyghmomanometer is used in the diagnose and treatment for the hypertension .

Product Specifications

Brand Diamond