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Helps in diabetes management Provides healthy fat blend Complete and balanced diabetes-specific nutrition

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The Abbott Glucerna SR, 400 g, Vanilla is a good quality formula that has vitamins and minerals, and is appropriate for diabetic patients. It can provide the nutrition of milk without having to include milk in daily diet. It offers instant and long-lasting energy. Quality Formulation The Abbott Glucerna SR, 400 g, Vanilla is a low-in-calorie formula that is full of vital nutrients. Its balanced calorie intake is appropriate for people with diabetes. Available in delicious vanilla flavour, this mix can be consumed on a regular basis as a drink, in addition to your regular food intake. The Abbott Glucerna SR, 400 g, Vanilla can make for a good snack in between the meals to satiate hunger and lend a feeling of fullness. Alternatively, it can also be a meal in itself. People who are lactose intolerant can also safely include this formula in their diet to get all the nutrient values of milk required by the body. Filling and Nutritious The Abbott Glucerna SR, 400 g, Vanilla is safe for both male and female adults suffering from diabetes, and takes care of the nutrient deficiencies that they face due to this lifestyle disease. This mix forms a thick shake with milk or water, which can be taken at the start of the day along with your breakfast to keep you energized throughout. For those who eat light at night, it works well as a dinner substitute. This easy-to-prepare, quick-fix meal enriched with vitamins and minerals often becomes an all-time favourite of many.

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