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I-Can Pregnancy Test kit

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i-can is a pregnancy test kit. It was launched in 2011 as a part of the women's intimate range of products .

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Need State:

  • Being pregnant is a very important event in any woman's life. A woman wanting to know if she has indeed conceived or not, may suffer confusion and therefore anxiety till she is able to confirm that she is indeed pregnant.

Key Ingredients

  • i-can is a HCG hormone detection kit which helps a woman know accurately if she is pregnant; and in complete privacy.

How does it work

  • i-can pregnancy test kit is a very simple strip that lets you know your pregnancy status by testing your urine. It works by detecting the presence of HCG hormone in agglutinating sera reagent strip.

Directions for use

  • A woman wanting to know if she is pregnant must perform test with i-can as early as 6th day after conception. However, the ideal day to perform the test for most accurate result is on the day of the expected period. The test with i-can must be performed with the early morning first urine.

Pack Size

  • Each pack of i-can contains 1 single use pregnancy detection strip.



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