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Manual wheelchair - light weight FS809

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It is fold-able and has a quick release fold-down back, as well as padded, fixed full-length arms for added comfort. This transport chair has locking rear wheels, removable swing away footrests and includes hand brakes for added safety and control.

₹ 6,200.00

For individuals with limited mobility, a manual chair is an essential piece of equipment to enhance their quality of life and provide freedom of movement. In the past, wheelchairs were heavy and cumbersome for users as well as caregivers and often lacked maneuverability.

 Today, thanks to advances in wheelchair manufacturing and design, users no longer need to be competitive body builders to lift a wheelchair up a flight of stairs or into a car trunk. We have many intelligently designed wheelchairs on the market that are suited for wheelchair-bound individuals. We try to use aircraft grade aluminum on all of our products. Using a light materials helps ease the weight of the frame. Our lower priced models may have a combination of steel and aluminum. But our best wheelchairs are made from aluminum. Regardless of what material we use, we strive to provide quality products. We understand your mobility needs. A manual wheelchair should be stylish but also cost-effective. We do our best to find a balance of durability and price for our products. 

Through this wheel chair, we aim to provide: 

• Provide a means of independent mobility

• Maximize performance of daily activities

• Allow access to all terrain and environments encountered during the course of the day

• Provide support of neutral posture

• Provide orientation in space required for optimal posture and function

• Provide a base for the adaptive seating system

• Provide a means of pressure relief

• Accommodate changes in size and weight

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