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Omron Body Fat Analyzer HBF-306

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Measures body fat percentage Body Mass Index (BMI) display Indicates Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) Graphical interpretation of body type Assessment of body fat percentage and BMI Data memory for 9 persons

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  • Omron healthcare provides innovative healthcare devices with cutting-edge technology to provide the consumers in pursuit of good health the ability to monitor their fitness and health.
  • The Omron HBF 306 Body Fat Analyzer is a high quality scale with a simply stylish design with which you can regularly keep a track of your fat levels.
  • This health care product is a smart Hand-Held Analyzer; you should grip the unit by the grip electrodes with both your bare hands with outstretched arms, within seconds after pressing the start button the display shows the measurements.
  • This Omron health care device is portable and small in size so you can conveniently carry it everywhere you go.

Specifications of Omron HBF 306 Body Fat Analyzer

  • In The Box :
  • Sales Package:
  • Body Fate Monitor
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • Instruction Manual 
  • Type : Hand 


  • Body Mass Index (BMI) : Yes 
  • Bassal Metabolic Rate (BMR) : Yes
  • Body Fat Percentage : Yes 
  • Other Functions : Body Type Graphical Intrepetation 


  • Readings Displayed : Fat % Assessment 

Convinience Features 

  • Memory : Memory Support with 9 Memory Presets 

Additional Features 

  • Compact and lightweight , Easy to Operate


  • Service Type : Carry-In
  • Not Covered in warranty :No Damage Warranty 
  • Covered in Warranty : Parts and Labor 
  • Domestic Term : 1 Year 
  • Warranty Type : Manufacturer's Warranty 

Key Features

  • Hand Held Analyser
  • 9 Memory Preset

Body and Power

The HBF-306 weighs 230 g excluding the batteries and has dimensions of 197 x 128 x 49 mm. The results are displayed in an easy-to-see large digital display in which the body fat percentage and body mass index are shown simultaneously. This Omron health care equipment uses a unique measurement technique called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, these scales send a small, harmless electrical current through one hand and travels down to the waist area, back up the body and through the other hand to the other electrode. This current passes more slowly through fat than muscle, giving you a measurement of how much fat is in your body compared to the muscle, or your body fat percentage.

This Omron healthcare device has a load bearing capacity of 199.8 kg. The Omron-HBF 306 Body Fat Analyzer is used to determine 10-199.8 kg of body weight, 5-50 per cent of body fat, 2.5- 90 of BMI and 385- 5000 kcal of BMR. The results provided by Omron HBF 306 Body Fat Analyzer are precise and you can effectively use the reference range to track your weight loss goals and success. To obtain best results you should always weigh yourself at the same time, under same conditions. This Omron Body Fat Analyzer runs efficiently on 2 AAA batteries. The device can be stored and operated under optimum conditions. The switch-on technology used in this device is button-on push.


The health care device comes with a personal profile set-up and memory chip, which can store data for up to 9 persons; when the guest mode is in use, personal data is entered at the time of measurement. The LCD digital display of this Omron health care equipment features Auto off Function; this feature saves energy as the power automatically turns off if the unit is not used within three minutes of data entry. The quick, accurate and easy-to-use Omron Body Fat Analyzer can give you a true picture of your fitness and health risks to keep you motivated with the weight loss program.


Product Specifications

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