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Recovery - Walker 912L

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Lightweight Aluminium Folable walker Durable fixed front wheels Ergonomic dual paddle folding systems Folds into compact unit for storage and transport.

₹ 2,500.00


  • Walking with great comfort and ease becomes a dream for arthritis or old age people.
  • It has adjustable height which can be adjusted according to the patient.
  • The walker comes with 8 sections height adjustable.
  • Its lightweight and contoured cross bar make it much sturdier.
  • Best part is that it folds with the help of single button.It is a one button folding walker.
  • It has front wheels installed you can move it forward and backward without lifting it.
  • This lightweight walking aid is foldable so it can be carried along wherever you go.
  • It is made up of anodized aluminum tubing which is very strong.
  • The crossbar which has been contoured acts as a strong support in stabilizing your walking pattern.
  • The hand grips are also cushioned to make the grip stronger and easier.
  • The tips of the walker are reinforced with rubber, so it helps you in walking with confidence and avoids any slippage even if you want to run with this walker.
  • Folding Walker, Adjustable Height with front Wheels is an efficient walking aid for arthritis, hemiplegic as well as older patients who have trouble in walking.


  • Length: 57cm 
  • Width: 60cm 
  • Height: 74.5-92cm 
  • N. W.: 2.6 kgs

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