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tadheen skin ointment

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1.Tadheen ointment is a need of each home. 2.Tadheen ointment is harmless ayurvedic medicine suitable for both adults and children. 3.Tadheen ointment is free from any poisonous matter. 4.Tadheen ointment,does not make the skin black and hard. 5.Tadheen ointmentis one which is very useful for all skin disease

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USES OF THADEEN SKIN OINTMENT 1.For itching and exzima: First wash affected place with dettol, then apply Tadheen ointment onit and Rub gently for one minute. 2.For Pimples and Wounds: First wash affected place with dettol,then apply a layer Tadheen ointment on it . 3. For Pimples: Wash face with soap n water and make it dry .Apply Tadheen ointment on pimples and Rub gently for half a minute 4. For abuses of finger: First wash affected place with dettol.Apply Tadheen ointment on it and cover with dressing. 5.Ring worm: Apply on affected place and Rub for about a minute. 6.Ear Ache:Take Tadheen onitment on cotton bud and apply in the Ear 7. Tooth Ache : take a small piece of muslin cloth . put Tadheen ointment ointment abent ½’ on it fold the cloth and keep it on tooth which is ached . once or twice spit out . it is harmless to swallow . 8. For Gums : take about half Tadheen on finger tip nd rub it on effected Gums 9.For Cuts : wash your cuts with dettol . apply Tadheen on cuts nd cover with dressing . 10.For Burns & Wounds : apply Tadheen on burnt part . rub it smoothly . soon you get relief . 11.For Fungal Infection : Wash an adffected with dettol . take Tadheen on finger tip & apply it on affected part . 12.Scorpion & Poisionous Insect Bites : apply Tadheen on affected part & cover with dressings & rub Tadheen gently around the affected place at abent 5” 13.Head Ache & Cold : rub Tadheen ointment on forehead & nose take small quantity on finger n apply inside the nose . 14.Muscular & Rehumatic pains : apply Tadheen on back n affected joints and rub it 15.Piles : take about 1” Tadheen on finger and apply on affected part inside the body

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